The Best Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls Recipe Ever!


These easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls are melt in your mouth delicious. I’d even say they rival that peanut butter & chocolate candy you can purchase in the checkout lane of your local grocery store. Plus, I believe this is the best recipe ever!

Easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls Recipe

Ahhhhh, Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls.

Every year around October my family starts requesting these and I start craving them. I’ve been making these for the Holidays since my kids were little and they’re always a crowd pleaser.

I’ve even given them away as gifts (in cute boxes similar to these) because these are so worthy of gifting giving. Just put them in a decorative tin and you have something chocolate peanut butter lovers will love you for.

Over the years I have tried and tested so many different variations of Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls recipes and every time I end up coming back to this one. This is the best and easiest peanut balls recipe I’ve tried, plus for me, it’s a no-fail recipe.

This easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls Recipe is a family favorite. It only requires 5 ingredients and they taste like you bought them at a gourmet candy store. With powdered sugar, peanut butter, chocolate and a couple of other ingredients, what’s not to love?! They are delicious and are one of my most requested desserts around the Holidays! This dessert recipe makes fantastic gifts. Put a few in a cute tin and voila -- a tasty, gorgeous gift from the heart.

A few notes:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls with Rice Crispies

If you like more texture and crunch, you can add in 3 cups of crushed rice cereal. Just measure out 3 cups and give them a little crush. Don’t pulverize them, just break them up a little. Add these after you’ve added the powdered sugar.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls with Powdered Sugar

I’ve always made these peanut butter balls with powdered sugar, but I’ve experimented with how much. The recipe below calls for 3 3/4 cups, but you can do less depending on a) where you live because humidity and high altitude will affect the results and b) how stiff or creamy you like them. Just remember that you should add enough powdered sugar to where it forms a dough you can work with. You don’t want a sticky mess because the end result will not be good.

The Best Tool to Mix These Up With

It’s easiest to mix these up with a powerful mixer. I’ve done it for years and years with a hand one, but oh my goodness it’s difficult. If you have a Kitchenaid mixer or something similar, I would recommend using it. My sister-in-law gave me her old one and it’s been so good to me. But I’m saving up for this one.  Now, which color should I go with?!

What Kind of Chocolate To Use

You can use different variations of chocolate to dip these in. You can use semi-sweet chocolate chopped up and then melted. You can use semi-sweet chocolate chips, melted.

I’ve always had success and prefer the chocolate candy coating (or chocolate almond bark as it’s sometimes called). It gives it such a great texture and is so easy to work with. But, if you prefer a darker chocolate coating, try the semi-sweet options. (Side note: some readers said it was a nightmare with the semi-sweet chocolate and ended up using the almond bark.)

How to Coat the Peanut Butter Balls with Chocolate

The dipping technique I have perfected and un-perfected over the years. Meaning, some years it just seems to work and they look fantastic and other years it looks like I made them in my sleep. You can put the peanut butter balls on a skewer and dip them that way or use my strange technique. I use two spoons. I dip the ball in the chocolate with one spoon and then take it out and toss it back and forth between each spoon. Sounds a little weird maybe, but it’s what has worked for me time and time again. The balls seem to turn out perfectly coated.

Alright, here’s how to make these lovelies. Warning: once you make them for friends and family, they’ll request them over and over again. Oh, and they’re super addicting…like chips…you can’t eat just one.

The Best Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls Recipe Ever!

This easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls Recipe is a family favorite. It only requires 5 ingredients and they taste like you bought them at a gourmet candy store. With powdered sugar, peanut butter, chocolate and a couple of other ingredients, what’s not to love?! They are delicious and are one of my most requested desserts around the Holidays! This dessert recipe makes fantastic gifts. Put a few in a cute tin and voila -- a tasty, gorgeous gift from the heart.

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  1. Wow, these look fantastic! I can see why the family requests them. I shared these all over!

    • I made these for a party last week and everyone raved…my husband has asked me to make another batch for his work party tomorrow…delicious!

    • I make these every year for Christmas but could not eat them as I have a nut allergy. Last year I tried making them with Wow Butter (or Pea Butter) – a soybean based peanut butter – using the same measurements and they were so delicious . They taste just like the peanut butter balls. Now I can enjoy them with everyone else!


  2. This post is single handedly making me want to ditch my clean eating plan this week! I am saving this for the holidays!

    • Hi Erica! Yes, I’ve tried freezing them and they freeze really well. I’ve whipped up big batches before the Holidays and then pulled them out the day before I want to serve them.

  3. We’ve been making these for years but we dip with a toothpick, leaving a spot bare. Ohioans call them buckeyes.

    • Hi Carol! I have heard them called that. I might just have to try the toothpick method again and see how it works for me. Thank you for stopping by!

    • I use 2 packages of the chocolate coating. They’re a pound each. Thanks for stopping by Mira!

    • LOL Cheryl! That’s if you eat all 55. Probably not a good idea 😉 I changed the recipe to yields 55 and now the calories are correct for each one.

  4. These look delicious! I want to make them for a potluck, but they’d be sitting in a classroom for about 8 hours before hand, no refrigerator. Will they melt? If I freeze them overnight, will they thaw in time? Thanks!

    • I would just stick them in the fridge overnight and they’ll be fine sitting out. I apologize I just saw your comment!

    • Hi Sydney!

      I’ve never made them with crunchy, so I’m not exactly sure how they would turn out. I’ve seen them made with rice crispy cereal before to give them an added crunch and texture, so the crunchy peanut butter might have the same delicious effect. If you try it, let me know how it turns out!

  5. Hi! I just made these for part of a care package a bunch of moms make for our boys. Just a note…I was having a bit of a sticky issue when making the balls, but if anyone else has a problem you can just solve it by using some powdered sugar on your hands…like dipping your cookie cutters in flour…same effect. I know the boys will love these! Thank you!

    • Hi Shannon! Thank you for the tip! I’ve had to add more powdered sugar before, depending on the weather. Those sticky situations can get messy. Hope your boys enjoyed these. 🙂

  6. Those look so good- and so easy! We make something similar with cheerios in it. Best holiday treat ever, but this year we might have to give these a try!

    • They can stay out overnight Cindy. I usually leave them out, unless my house is unseasonable warm. They are really good cold too though! But they won’t go bad leaving them out. 🙂

  7. I tried to finish making these Peanut Butter Chocolate Balls for my daughter when she ran out of time. I formed the dough into balls, put them into the refrig, and then (tried) to dip them into Candy Melts heated in a Wilton Candy Pro Melting Pot. I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH AN EPIC FAILURE!!! And I don’t know why. The balls were way too soft for dipping. They never would get firm. We ended throwing all out. I am an experienced cake decorator. I just don’t understand what went soooooo wrong. (??????)

    • Hi Lynn –

      I am so sorry you had such an issue with these. I would recommend adding more powdered sugar. Do you live in a humid location? That can affect candy making quite a bit. The peanut butter dough should be pretty stiff when you’re done mixing it. Also, one reader recommended this technique for shaping them: “Just a note…I was having a bit of a sticky issue when making the balls, but if anyone else has a problem you can just solve it by using some powdered sugar on your hands…like dipping your cookie cutters in flour…same effect.” I hope that helps!

    • I freeze mine before dipping them. Also try using tongs to dip them with. Just put one on top of tongs and dip. Can bump the side of the pan to get rid of excess chocolate.

  8. Just made 2 batches of these last night to give to the family on Christmas. They are amazing! Best peanut butter balls I’ve ever made. Thanks for a great recipe! I’ve added it to my book and I won’t hesitate to pull it out next year 🙂

  9. I put these in the fridge for one hour and when I roll them they are sticking to my hands. Is this normal ? Is there something else I can add/do for them not to stick. Other than that they taste great ! Thanks !

    • Hi Jay,

      I would add more powdered sugar. It should look almost like a dough and then you know you’ve added enough.

  10. I use this recipe every Christmas but wrap the filling around a Hershey’s Caramel kiss first. Chill well and then dip. I have only used the smooth peanut butter.

  11. I blog at Prayer Wine Chocolate and I am definitely thinking I will be sharing some recipes on my Facebook page 🙂 These look delish!

  12. You said in your description on how to dip the peanut balls that you used two spoons. Then I thought about how I used a regular sized fork to dip whatever candy that I was making if I couldn’t find the tool that I bought to use for this. I drop my ball of candy into the melted chocolate, roll it over to get the other side coated, scoop it up with my fork and tap my fork on the side of my double boiler to get the excess chocolate off and turn the fork to roll the ball onto a pan lined with waxed paper. I also make sure that my pan just came out of the freezer or refrigerator so the chocolate will hold its ball shape. Note: If your chocolate is too hot, it will not hold the shape of the candy that you dipped, no matter how cold your pan is. When the pan is full of my dipped candy I refrigerate it until all of the chocolate is set up.

    • Thank you for this tip Vicki! I’ll have to try this technique when I make them next. 🙂

  13. My MIL makes these but she calls them Buckeyes and leaves a little peanut butter exposed. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!

    • Hi Anna, I’ve kept these in our refrigerator for a week to a week and a half and they’ve been perfect. 🙂

  14. Can I cut the powderd sugar down and use the rice Krispy as the base to make sure they roll. I find more then 3 cups of the sugar makes them nearly sickening sweet.

    • Hi Brenna, I don’t see why you couldn’t do that. I think that would work just fine! The amount of powdered sugar is what really takes the stickiness out of the peanut butter, but the rice crispy should help with that. I would maybe look up some other recipes that use rice crispy in them. If I had to guess, I would say you could cut it down to 2 cups, maybe even 1 1/2. If you try it and it works, will you let us know? 🙂 Thanks!

  15. Mine turned out oily.. is that from the butter? Do you think I let it get too warm before adding to the peanut butter maybe? Seems other users didn’t have that problem.

    • Hi Brittany,

      Ugh! I am sorry to hear that. Let’s see…it could be a number of factors. Let me ask you a few questions so we can rule some things out. Did you use a natural peanut butter? Did you use salted butter? Did you add enough powdered sugar for it to turn to dough? And lastly, you definitely want your butter to be soft, but not almost melted as that can make a difference in the texture.

      I’m so sorry yours didn’t turn out right.

      • Oh don’t get me wrong.. even though they were a bit oily they were DELICIOUS! I just let them chillike in the refrigerator overnight on a paper towel. They seemed to be okay after that.
        I used salted butter. Jiffy brand peanutbutter (not all natural). And I had enough powdered sugar for it to form a ball and stay together. My hubby actually commented on it saying these were a bit sweeter that my first batch I made last year (I have no idea what recipe I used last year)
        It’s probably some minute detail i had overlooked while I was baking all my Christmas goodies

  16. I made these last night and my husband asked why I haven’t made them in the past 11 years of us being together. I said, I just discovered the recipe! They are so good, we call them Amaze-Balls. Quick tip: I had some leftover chocolate so I dipped pretzels in it for another delicious treat. Merry Christmas!

    • Okay, I think I need to change the title of the recipe Liz! Love it. 🙂 So glad you both enjoyed them. I’m making them this weekend and am so ready. Merry Christmas to you! And thanks for the tip!

  17. Hi there, I made these last night and this morning the ball was crumbly. How do I fix this?

    • Hi Molly, did you already dip the balls in chocolate? When I refrigerate the dough, it becomes crumbly and I just have to work it with my hands a little to get it soft again.

  18. I put one cup of flaked coconut and half a cup of finely chopped walnuts in mine after adding the sugar, and dip them in semi sweet chocolate…

  19. What would happen if you used unsalted butter? Also i might add mini reeses pieces to mine ??

  20. I tried the semi sweet chips and it was much too thick. Made dipping very difficult. Will NEVER try that again!

  21. A family favorite… I posted our Christmas Eve Dinner Menu to my FB page yesterday, including Peanut Butter Balls for Dessert. My adult children immediately started smack talking, claiming the peanut butter balls, warning their siblings about eating more than their fair share, or hiding them in their “take home box” in their vehicle! My house is the only place they get them as they all have children who are allergic to peanut butter! God has a sense of humor too! Thank you for sharing the recipe and Merry Christmas!

  22. Is there a reason you specify salted butter? I have all unsalted for my holiday baking. Just wondering if I can just use my unsalted butter or if I should add a tsp of salt to the recipe?

    • Hi Beth,

      You can definitely use unsalted butter, but yes, add a pinch of salt to the recipe.

    • Hi Patricia,

      I’ve never tried crunchy peanut butter before, so I can’t say. I’ve made these with rice crispy treats and they turned out really good.

  23. I make these every year … My kids loved ChristmasCookie (& Candy)making day. I’m lucky this year my granddaughter is old enough and has her Frozen apron ready.
    Because these are always on my list .. I always add pretzel sticks (the kids loved adding the sprinkles), marshmallow (cold from freezer or fridge, strawberries (just a few or my daughter would stop speaking LOL and my personal favorite Potato Chips .. Yep. When I was first stationed in Biloxi Ms.m a drug rep brought Charles Chips ( a company that used to be in New Orleans) for the bribe to talk to Docs. Crusty salty potato chip and sweet chocolate heaven… Use a rigid chip like Ruffles Ridges (though this year I’ll use Kettle Chips.. I always make extra dipping chocolate and let kids dip above mentioned. Since kids are SGreen I drizzle chips.
    Thanks for recipe reminder. Happy Holidays!

  24. Can these be stored at room temperature? I run out of room in my refrigerator during the holidays!

  25. This is my recipe too, only I add chopped pecans to mine. I love the crunchy taste with the texture of the rice crispies and the pecans. I have perfected the two-spoon method too! It works to get the right amount of chocolate coating. I love doing these every year with my husband, and children enjoy making them too, if you have any littles around. It’s a great way to have conversation while keeping hands busy doing something fun.

  26. I tried your recipe, but instead of rolling balls, I poured the peanut butter mix into a cookie sheet, then poured on my chocolate chips, placed in the oven for 5 minutes, then smeared the melted chips over the peanut butter mix. I sprinkled crushed pretzels on the top, then froze. I broke them into pieces and EVERYBODY loved them. You’re peanut butter mix recipe is delicious!

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