Cute Outfit Ideas of the Week – Edition #4


From maxi dresses and DIY shorts to flowy tops and summery looks – today’s Cute Outfit Ideas of the Week edition is all about summer style! Along with summer comes a toned down wardrobe. Less material, less accessories, less makeup – just a little less of everything. You don’t have to do away with style when it comes to lazy summer days, but it can be a bit understated while still looking fabulous.

Enjoy some cute outfit ideas. I hope you find something that says “Oh, now that look I can do!”.

Cute Outfit Ideas of the Week – Edition #4

cute outfit ideas 01

Black and white with a touch of coral. Perfect for summer. A maxi dress is definitely a summer must-have and you all know which ones I’ve been drooling over. Definitely add this black and white number to the list!

cute outfit ideas 02

Maxi dresses are great, but don’t forget about a maxi skirt. Paired with a tank or other summer top, and you have just the perfect look. This look has so much going for it. From the statement necklace to the white cami and the fact that the skirt is OMBRE – which I LOVE.

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cute outfit ideas 03

DIY Fashion is becoming as popular as DIY for the home and I think it’s great! If you’ve never tried taking an item of clothing and completely making it your own with a few tweaks here and there, I absolutely recommend it. These lace shorts are made from a very inexpensive pair of white Soffe shorts. Check out the instructions and see what you can whip up!

cute outfit ideas 04

Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean you have to put away the scarves. There are some lightweight scarves out there that are perfect for a cool summer evening or for when you’ll be spending most of your time indoors. See how cute it looks with a pair of shorts?

cute outfit ideas 05

You can make one really cute outfit with a pair of jeans or shorts and a flowy summer top. There’s a possibility I have an addiction to flowy summer tops, but there are worst things right? I love the detail on the back of this shirt.

cute outfit ideas 06

Drop dead red gorgeous! That’s what this outfit is. You start with a simple white tank or cami and pair it with simple shorts. You then start to layer with a color of your choice and you have a summer outfit ready for a lunch date or casual shopping day with the girls. I would probably add a little less red to this outfit and sneak in another color as well. But I’m loving the red cardigan and bag with a giant flower!

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Did one of these cute outfit ideas get you excited about shopping (not that we need anything to get us excited about shopping), or spark some creative juices for a try at some DIY fashion? I hope so!

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  1. I want the turquoise necklace shown with the maxi skirt. Please tell me where you found it. Thanks!

  2. I love the beige bag with the short round leather strap. Where did you find that? The bag is so cute!

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