Cocktails and Snacks for Ladies Night


Sometimes we all just need a night to kick back and relax with our closest friends, away from all the work, stress, and from our kids! A night with the ladies is one of our favorite ways to relax and have a great time full of laughs. Whether your ladies’ night means going out with your friends or staying at home enjoying each other’s company, we’ve got the drinks and snacks to make it a great night. Here are our favorite cocktails and snacks for a night with the girls.

Piña Coladas and Seafood

A girls’ night should feel like a party, and some fruity, icy piña coladas will have you singing and dancing in no time! Rum in an adult slushie is nothing but an uncontested good time. The fruity, acidic, tropical bite of the piña colada goes super well with seafood. Get some crab dip on the table, or some fish and shrimp bites to make sure you can keep up with the piña colada’s good time fuel.

Moscow Mule and some Asian Zest

The Moscow Mule is an easy-sipping, super refreshing drink that you can enjoy all night long. The mint, lime, and ginger beer make every single sip hit the spot. Something so crisp and refreshing needs a little heat to go along with it, which is why a little spicy Asian food is a perfect combination. A plate of spicy Korean barbecue-style beef and cucumbers would be an undeniable gamechanger or step it up to a plate of kakiage for a really hearty snack.

Fruity Vodka Soda with a Cheeseboard

Any excuse to use berries in a cute way is a great plan to us, and any excuse to break out the charcuterie board is even better. Try freezing some berries in ice cubes for your vodka sodas. As the ice melts, the berries will start to color and flavor your drink even more. You can even use frozen berries directly to get the flavor punch right away. Pair this with a cheeseboard that features plenty of fruits and berries to go comfortably with your refreshing drink. Who doesn’t love cheeseboards? Who doesn’t love vodka sodas?

Espresso Martini and Dessert

Whether it be in the club or in your living room, if you plan on dancing all night long, you might need a little extra kick to keep you going. An espresso martini might be the perfect little bit of fuel to keep you partying until the sun comes up. What do you pair with such a strong flavor? Well, what do you pair with coffee? A mouthful of rich, melt in your mouth chocolate cake. If you’re not feeling cake, any rich dessert will do wonders, or even some lighter, nutty biscuits.