3 of the Hottest Strollers on the Market


Strollers are a fundamental part of raising a kid, they’re everywhere and practically every parent has either become very familiar with at least one stroller or will consider becoming awfully familiar with one soon. Since it’s such a regular phenomenon, the choices should be pretty straightforward, right?

Well, not exactly. Depending on your situation, in fact, the choices might not be clear at all. There are a load of things to consider, like whether or not you’ll need to be transporting the stroller in a car or in another vehicle, what terrain you’ll be pushing the stroller over, and the amount of things you’ll need to be carrying in the stroller at any given time. Do you need it to hold up to lots of cargo, or do you need it to be swift and nimble to be able to take your baby out for walks and jogs?

Whatever your case may be, there are loads and loads of options to satisfy every little preference that you might have. For us, here are our 3 favorite strollers to consider.

UPPAbaby Vista

UPPAbaby Vista baby stroller

This is the best of the best, and the price tag knows it. Once you do get past the price tag, however, it’s easy to see why popular is an understatement. It’s adaptable, so you won’t have to get different strollers for while your baby continues to grow. Newborns can relax in the bassinet until the stroller needs to be adapted for toddlers, then the toddler seat takes over. There’s room for another kiddo, and even a board for a standing kiddo to ride along on the back. That is, you can push three kids on this stroller, or just one, depending on the situation at hand.

Undercarriage storage is great, and the stroller is very easy to maneuver in the city, both on the street and on sidewalks.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2


If versatility is what you need more than anything, this might be the perfect match for you. Whether it be dirt paths at the park or uneven sidewalks, the all-terrain wheels on this stroller can handle it all. No need to worry about what route you’ll be taking, or about any detours you might need to make. The stroller folds very easily and compactly, making it a dream for both transportation and storage if you’re tight on space. The UV canopy helps keep your baby calm and protected from the sunlight wherever you go.

No matter what your day throws at you, chances are, the City Mini will be able to follow along. The handlebar is adjustable too, which makes it a comfortable stroller to push no matter your height, and no matter how many different people are going to need to be pushing throughout the day.

Maclaren Mark II

Maclaren Mark II Style Set Stroller


If you’re always on the go, and you’re going to need your baby to always be on the go with you, this highly transportable stroller might be the best option for you. The Mark II is an umbrella-stroller, meaning that it’s very lightweight and can be collapsed to a super manageable size (like an umbrella). It’s super lightweight, only 10 pounds, and you can fold it up with one hand, baby in the other arm.

There are plenty of other collapsible strollers to consider, but for this price, it’s hard to find strong contenders to this one.