Chocolate Pudding Dessert


If you’re looking for a tasty and easy to make Chocolate Pudding Dessert, do I ever have one for you. I’ve been making this one for over 15 years. It’s the perfect summer dessert to serve to guests, take to friends or to make just because. I often make it just because.

chocolate pudding dessert

There are different variations of this dessert and different names. You might know it as Chocolate Delight or BTS (Better Than Sex). I just know it as dang good. With layers of cream cheese, cool whip and chocolate pudding over a graham cracker crust, you won’t care what it’s called.

I used to make this with a basic butter and flour crust, but have recently switched to a graham cracker crust. I like it better that way, but I’ll give you both variations and let you be the judge. So obviously you have to make two of these and do a taste test. You’re welcome.

chocolate pudding dessert-03

You can either make the graham cracker crust yourself, or purchase a box of crumbs and sprinkle it on the bottom of the pan. Once I even used a pre-made crust in a pie pan, let it thaw and broke it into pieces on the bottom of my 9×13 inch pan.

Enjoy your Chocolate Pudding Dessert and don’t forget to share.chocolate pudding dessert-04

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