jar salad, healthy recipes you can make with your kids, healthy recipes for kids to make, fun recipes for kids to make, healthy recipes for kids, healthy kid friendly recipes

8 Healthy Recipes You Can Make with Your Kids

Creating a healthy meal that your child loves is a challenge. Creating a healthy meal that your child loves, while simultaneously teaching your child...
how to teach your child mindfulness, mindfulness for kids, mindfulness activities for kids, mindfulness for children

How to Teach Your Child Mindfulness

Mindfulness is difficult to master, no matter what age you are. If it’s something you’re still struggling to learn yourself, then you may feel...
teaching your child to be independent, independent children, child independence theory

How To Encourage Your Child to Think Independently

Raising a kid is no easy feat. Between all of the cramped schedules, spontaneous messes, and seemingly boundless energy, it’s perfectly normal to find...
all natural remedies, natural remedies, diy remedies

8 All-Natural Remedies for Your Child’s Most Common Ailments

So your child has a cough, sniffly nose or allergies — don’t reach for the Benadryl, Tylenol or cough syrup just yet. While everyone’s...
active kids yoga

Getting Your Kids Active When They Hate Sports

So your kid balks at the idea of joining a team sport at school or with a local organization. They’d rather be holed up...

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