A Must Watch Children’s Animated Series on Healthy Eating + 3 Month Hulu Plus Subscription Giveaway!


Happy Friday! This is a little out of the norm from what I usually post here on Mom Fabulous, but I believe so strongly in it, that I had to share. It’s about your kids. It’s about healthy eating and it’s about an animated children’s program that’s doing really well. One that I can feel good about getting behind and supporting. I’m talking about “Nutri Ventures: The Quest for the 7 Kingdoms.”

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What is Nutri Ventures all about you ask?

This is the only animated series that focuses on nutrition and healthy eating, which is such a huge topic right now for so many. Kids can follow the heroic adventures of Theo, Lena, Ben and Little Nina who have never known what real food is. They’ve only known Genex 100, the synthetic creation of the nefarious and ultra-rich Alex Grand. Theo learns the truth about real food and how important it is, so he sets out on a quest to discover the seven  kingdoms where the real food remains. His goal? To bring real food and nutrition back to their world.

Nutri Ventures Characters - Heroes

This series has received such a positive response from parents, kids and has received a five star rating from Common Sense Media – the highest rating possible! Would you like to see a clip or two? I thought so. 😉

If you liked what you saw (I ended up watching three episodes the other day all by myself – no kids – Ha!), you can view 11 episodes for free on Hulu, with 18 additional episodes on Hulu Plus. (Keep reading to enter a giveaway for a free 3-month  subscription to Hulu Plus!)

Nutri Ventures Corp has also made their episodes free to the U.S. public education systems. This means that nearly 60,000 elementary schools will have free access to the 29 episodes, along with 200 additional pieces of educational materials.

“Nutrition and obesity are among the most urgent concerns for parents, educators and for children themselves,” said Rui Lima Miranda, co-founder and managing partner of Nutri Ventures Corp., and producer of NUTRI VENTURES: THE QUEST FOR THE 7 KINGDOMS.  “We are very proud to enter into a long-term relationship with the Partnership for a Healthier America.”

As a mom who is constantly fighting the healthy eating battle as I shop the grocery store aisles, am the person who chooses what we have for dinner and prepares my kids lunches and snacks; I am beyond thrilled to see a children’s program such as Nutri Ventures supporting my goals. It absolutely makes a difference what our kids watch. We know that. So if our kids are watching a program about healthy eating choices, as opposed to something else (like a show that teaches them…oh, I don’t know – don’t get me started) they will be more motivated and excited to try new things.

Alright, who wants to win that 3-month Hulu Plus Subscription? Good luck!

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  1. My go to snack for my kids is animal crackers or cheese puffs… okay, for a healthier snack, they like veggie straws and grapes!

  2. fruit. berries, melons, apples, peaches… basically any fruit is pure delicious. yum

  3. my go to snack for both me and my kids is string cheese and granola bars

  4. We are big popcorn eaters. We also like pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

  5. String cheese, fruit, and carrots and celery. My children love these items and they are quick go-to snacks.

  6. Whatever is easiest so I try to have fruit or some homemade snack handy. Otherwise we grab for the chips and cookies – but for example, I have a bowl of grapes in the fridge for easy access.

  7. The epicness of a wrap with chicken, spinach and cutie slices. I am in lunch mode right now.

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