5 Easy Ways to Make and Save Extra Cash


Whether you need a few hundred dollars extra spending money, or you want to start saving, we have some ideas for you! Get out a pen and paper or type your lists into your phone. We will give you ideas as you go through this article on how you can make and save money- easily and immediately!

5 Easy Ways to Make and Save Extra Cash

Step #1 – Stop buying things you want

That’s right. Do you need it? Look around your home. How many items can you say are needed and not wanted? If you have more in your wants than needs category, you have your answer. We aren’t trying to say you should sell your television or other belongings from your past purchases, however, going forward think before you pull out your wallet for a wanted item. Make sure you discuss with your family members so they can join in on the action. No more extra purchases at the cash register!

Step #2 – Hold a Garage Sale

Round up those unwanted or unneeded items and have an estate or garage sale. Tell your neighbors your plans and get multiple sales going at once to draw more of a crowd. Give yourself time to go through garage items, closets and storage spaces. Make sure you advertise! There are social media groups you can join in your community and other apps that allow you to advertise sales for free. A good rule of thumb, so that you don’t get overwhelmed, is to put items in categories. If you have kids’ clothes, put them together by size. And if you have a lot of clothes to sell, we recommend selling a whole bag of clothes for a certain amount instead of piece by piece. It will save you time and energy. If you don’t need the money immediately, put it away into savings for your future.

Step #3 – Purge Larger Items

Do you have items that you can’t necessarily sell at a garage sale? Sometimes large items or valuable items like cars or collector items can be sold with an app. Even handmade pieces like jewelry and bags can sell for a good amount of money. There are many apps that are free and do not take any money or percentage of what you make. Also, you can ship the items to people who are buying from outside your area. A note to the wise- make sure you are safety conscious when doing this. Always meet in public and get payment before handing the item over. It’s money you didn’t have before and it will feel great to declutter.

Step #4 – Break Certain Habits

Keep your habits in check. Are you the type of person to walk straight to the clearance aisle when you shop? You may think that you are saving money, but do you really need that set of bowls just because they are cheaper than usual? Probably not. Make a list of spending habits you’d like to keep in check. Are you a gift-giver or are you the one who likes to pick up the happy hour bill for your friends? It’s time to put a lid on it. Your friends and family will understand. Every time you think you want to pay for something that you don’t need, write it down. At the end of the month, add up how much you saved by not buying it.

Step #5 – Budget your grocery store money

We know this may not sound fun but there are so many ways to keep costs low. Always make a list of what you need before heading out to the store. Your best bet is to find a recipe you love and buy your ingredients from that recipe instead of making it up as you go. You’ll notice you don’t buy unnecessary items and with your list, you know not to go down the ice cream aisle because it’s not on your needed items list.

Another good idea is to download grocery store apps for coupons. You’ll find a lot of stores now let you get free items after you accumulate points. Plus, most coupons are digital now so if you don’t have the app, you’re stuck paying full price. A good tip: you can save a lot of money by only purchasing quality items at a higher-end store, like meats or seafood. Other everyday items and household goods can be purchased much cheaper at a large chain store.

Again, add up how much you save each month! It is a fun game for the family. Teach your kids the value of money by helping them start their own savings plan. It starts right in your own home!

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