3 Benefits of a Jade Roller


In very stressful times, days full of anxiety and worrying, it’s natural for these emotions to creep onto our faces. Obviously, nobody wants to be visibly distraught, and the lasting effects of stress on our faces can be far from welcome.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that we can help ourselves both relax and take care of our faces in the process. One easy and enjoyable way of doing this is by using a jade roller! Here are some of our some benefits of a jade roller.

Muscle Relaxation

As we know, tense muscles are almost never good for you. They can be anywhere from uncomfortable to dangerous, leading to injury. Whether tight muscles in our faces be from stress or simply something our bodies go through while waking up in the morning, massaging them with a jade roller is a great way to get these muscles to relax and feel great.

The pressure from the roller helps get blood circulating, which gradually breaks down the tension. Better circulation in your face will also make for a healthier look in general.

Inflammation Relief

From the material, jade rollers are normally cool to the touch. This can help deal with any puffing or inflammation that might be having an unwelcome stay on your face.

For an even cooler touch and even better anti-inflammatory effects, try putting your jade roller in the refrigerator before using it.

Stress Relief

Treating the symptoms of stress is great, but getting rid of the stress altogether is even better. Using a jade roller is essentially like giving yourself a facial massage which, as we know, is about as effective as stress relief gets.

Granted, not all tense muscles come from stress, so a jade roller won’t be 100% effective in preventing the same symptoms it’s supposed to treat. Luckily, at the risk of sounding redundant, it’s made to treat those symptoms! This makes jade rollers especially great, as they will help you avoid some symptoms altogether and treat the ones that do get by, all while helping you lower your stress levels.

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