How to Have the Best One-Day Self-Care Staycation


    Every once in a while, everyone needs a day to just relax. No responsibilities, cleaning, or to do lists. Just you and a whole day of nothing but relaxation. The next time you find yourself with a free day, try having a self-care staycation.

    how to have the best one day self-care staycation

    What’s a staycation, you may ask? It’s a day that you treat like a vacation, but instead of going to a beach or the mountains, you’re at home. It’s a great way to get some time to yourself without having to spend a whole bunch of money.

    So how do you have a staycation? Here are a few things you can do:

    How to Have the Best One-Day Staycation

    Read a book

    Go ahead and pick up one of those books on top of your “to read” stack. You have plenty of time to completely relax and unwind, so why not start a new story?

    You can read in the bath, outside on the porch, in the backyard, or anywhere you feel the most relaxed.

    To keep this hobby going, try and dedicate a little bit of time to read a book every day. Before bed is usually the best time since you’re winding down.

    Paint your nails

    Sometimes, all you really need to feel brand new is a fresh coat of nail polish.

    Stop by a salon and treat yourself to a pretty springtime manicure, or get yourself a new bottle of nail polish and do it yourself. Or, if you want the salon look without the salon price, just run to the nearest store and grab a pair of fake nails. They come in so many lengths and styles that you’re bound to find a set that works for you.

    Whichever way you decide to do it, you’ll end up with a fresh set of nails.

    Pick up a new hobby

    If you can’t find anything to do on your staycation, try picking up a new hobby.

    Crocheting, taking a walk, playing an instrument, drawing or doodling, or writing can serve as an outlet for your creative energy and are also rather relaxing. Pick the one that fits the best for you and get started.

    If none of these sound good to you, look up some relaxing hobbies and choose the one you like the best.

    Go shopping (or window shop)

    If you’re a shopaholic like myself, spend some of the day treating yourself to a little shopping spree. Go to your favorite outlet mall or market and shop to your heart’s content.

    If you aren’t in a spending mood, get yourself a cup of coffee and wander around, looking at all of the pretty window displays, Who says you have to actually shop to have fun at the mall?

    Have a movie day

    Are you big into movies or TV shows? Have a movie day! Get yourself some of your favorite snacks, a glass of wine, DVDs, and your comfiest PJs, and just relax.

    If you want to, invite some of your girlfriends over for a group staycation. No cleaning, working or worrying. Just you and your girls for a day of movies and laughs.

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    How to have the best one day self-care staycation

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