150 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Your Husband, Kids, and Teens



    “The stockings are hung by the chimney with care in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon will be there.” 

    Your family has their stockings hung by the fireplace, empty in anticipation of the goodies Santa will place inside. If you’re running low on ideas, this list of creative, extraordinary stocking stuffers will inspire your holiday shopping. 

    Each list (husband, children, teens) includes a few personal care items, since chapstick and lotion are always welcome gifts. Then there are ideas for clothing and accessories, such as winter hats and jewelry. Next are useful tools, since we all need some practical gifts to be stocked under the tree. The food category is exactly that: sweet treats for your sweet family! And lastly is the list of fun gifts of gift cards and random items that don’t fit in the other areas. 

    With 50 stocking stuffer ideas each for your husband or children or teens, you won’t be able to squeeze everything into the stocking! That’s okay, bulging and overflowing stockings are a welcome sight on Christmas morning!

    50 stocking stuffer ideas for him

    Personal care:

    1. After shave lotion
    2. Body wash
    3. Breath mints
    4. Cologne
    5. Massage oil 😉

    Clothing and accessories:

    1. A new tie or bowtie
    2. A tie bar
    3. Cuff links
    4. A pocket square
    5. A new watch
    6. Sunglasses
    7. Christmas underwear
    8. Christmas socks
    9. Baseball cap
    10. Shoe polish


    1. Pocket knife/multipurpose tool
    2. Earbuds
    3. A calligraphy pen (or fancy pen)
    4. Money clip or wallet
    5. A new phone case
    6. USB thumb drive
    7. A grilling spatula or tongs
    8. Meat thermometer
    9. Luggage tags
    10. Stud finder
    11. Measuring tape
    12. Hammer 
    13. Head lamp
    14. Car air freshener
    15. Car phone charger


    1. His favorite candy
    2. Beef jerky
    3. Protein bars
    4. A bottle opener
    5. A bottle of his favorite beverage
    6. Grilling spices
    7. Tea
    8. Coffee 
    9. Whiskey stone
    10. A flask
    11. Gift card to his favorite coffee shop
    12. Gift card to his favorite restaurant

    Fun gifts:

    1. Movie tickets/gift card
    2. Tickets to his favorite sports team
    3. Airbnb gift certificate (for a romantic getaway)
    4. Lottery tickets
    5. Subscription to his favorite magazine (print or digital)
    6. Golf balls and tees
    7. Stress ball
    8. A new DVD

    50 stocking stuffer ideas for kids

    Personal care:

    1. A new winter hat
    2. New winter gloves
    3. Bathtub crayons
    4. Chapstick 
    5. Body lotion
    6. Bubble bath
    7. Hair ties/barretts

    Clothing and accessories:

    1. Jewelry
    2. Fun socks
    3. A new lunchbox
    4. A new backpack
    5. A sleepover suitcase
    6. A sleeping bag
    7. A personalized pillowcase
    8. A fuzzy blanket
    9. Sunglasses 
    10. Key chain


    1. A Yo-yo
    2. A jump rope
    3. Crayons, markers, colored pencils
    4. Travel games (for road trips)
    5. A deck of cards (standard, or a game like Uno)
    6. Stickers
    7. Glow sticks
    8. Slinky
    9. Sling shot
    10. Bubbles
    11. Water balloons
    12. Bubbles
    13. Magnifying glass
    14. Cookie cutters
    15. Flashlight
    16. Poster
    17. Disposable camera
    18. Harmonica
    19. Nightlight
    20. Whoopie cushion
    21. A new movie

    Food and treats:

    1. A favorite snack
    2. A favorite candy
    3. Candy coal
    4. A new water bottle
    5. Candy cane
    6. Stilly straws
    7. Character dishes and silverware

    Special Gifts:

    1. Gift card to see a movie with Mom/Dad and a friend
    2. Gift card to get their favorite dessert
    3. Ticket to a trampoline park
    4. Museum tickets
    5. A love note from Santa

    50 stocking stuffer ideas for teens

    Personal care:

    1. Lotion
    2. Body wash
    3. Breath mints
    4. Perfume or cologne
    5. Fancy razors (like the 5 blade ones that are usually too expensive to buy)
    6. Hair dye
    7. Nail polish
    8. Chap stick

    Clothing and accessories:

    1. A new winter hat
    2. Funky socks
    3. Jewelry (bracelets or necklaces)
    4. A new watch
    5. An interchangeable band for their watch or fitbit
    6. Scrunchies
    7. Sunglasses
    8. University gear (shirts, hats, stickers, etc.) 


    1. Pocket knife/multipurpose tool
    2. Earbuds
    3. A headphone splitter
    4. New pens or pencils for school
    5. A fun keychain
    6. A new phone case
    7. A popsocket (for their phone case)
    8. A dashboard clip or air vent holder for their cell phone (to encourage hands-free driving)
    9. USB thumb drive
    10. A portable USB charger
    11. Car air freshener
    12. Car phone charger
    13. A water bottle or coffee thermos
    14. A new wallet


    1. Favorite candy
    2. Favorite lunchbox snacks 
    3. Favorite drink
    4. Instant coffee packets
    5. Gift card to favorite coffee shop
    6. Gift card to favorite restaurant
    7. Gift card to favorite dessert place

    Fun gifts:

    1. Movie tickets/gift card
    2. Gas station gift cards (for gas or snacks)
    3. Digital gift card for music (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.)
    4. Lottery tickets
    5. Subscription to a new magazine (print or digital)
    6. A new DVD
    7. A card game (like Uno)
    8. A whoopie cushion
    9. A mini magic trick
    10. A stuffed animal
    11. A rubix cube
    12. A new book they’ve been wanting to read
    13. A fidget spinner

    What are your favorite stocking stuffer ideas? Which gifts have your kids remembered from year to year? Share your ideas in the comments below so we can add even more ideas to our list!

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