Win a $50 Boston Market Gift Card + Mouthwatering Shredded Chicken Recipes


One of my most popular Mom Fabulous posts is this round-up of 50 Shredded Chicken Recipes. I’ve come back to this list over and over again myself when looking for some shredded chicken inspiration. It’s one of my favorite types of meals to serve because it’s fast and kid-friendly.

National Rotisserie Chicken

In honor of National Rotisserie Chicken Day (which is today, June 2nd!), I’ve asked a few fellow bloggers to share with me some of their favorite shredded chicken recipes. You could substitute already prepared Rotisserie Chicken to make these recipes even faster!

Keep reading to find out how to enter to win a $50 Boston Market Gift Card!

shredded chicken recipes

Shredded Chicken Recipes


1. White Chicken Chili | Meet Kristy


2. Easy BBQ Chicken Sliders Recipe | Ann’s Entitled Life

Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken

3. Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken | Making Your Life Matter

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Cups

4. Spicy Buffalo Chicken Cups | Smart Savvy Living


5. Roasted Chicken Riccotta Pockets | The Farm Girl Gabs


6. Copycat Chik-a-Fil Chicken Salad Sandwich | Mom Foodie

Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Peppers

7. Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Peppers | Just Us Four


8. Buffalo Chicken Dip | Raining Hot Coupons


9. Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels | How to Be Awesome on 20 Dollars a Day


10. Chicken Quesadillas | Our Small Hours

BBQ Chicken Pineapple Quesadillas

11. BBQ Chicken & Pineapple Quesadillas | Simply Stacie


12. Homemade Chicken Pot Pie | Become a Coupon Queen

Mexican style plate of fried chicken tacos, close-up

13. Southwestern Chicken | Living 5×5

A few more:

Those are some tasty sounding Shredded Chicken Recipes! I can’t wait to try them. Now, about that giveaway…

The day I realized how a rotisserie chicken could save dinner time on busy nights was a very good day for me. I remember seeing one where I grocery shop and thinking…wait a minute, I could shred that up, throw it in a tortilla with cheese and voila! – dinner is served. Brilliant, I know. 😛 So that’s what I did. I still serve that for dinner sometimes, but I’ve also learned a gazillion other ways to use rotisserie chicken for easy, stress free meal times.

A rotisserie chicken is a cost-effective, tasty and convenient protein you can feed your family. As an added bonus, my kids have never turned their noses at a meal where I’ve used it.

Have you ever picked up a rotisserie chicken from Boston Market? Imagine stopping by on your way home from work, picking one up and serving it with baked potatoes (do them in the microwave for a time-saver or put them in the crock pot wrapped in foil before you leave for work in the morning) and a salad. It’s a win-win for you and your family. Easy dinner prep for you…Yummy dinner for them.

national rotisserie chicken day

In honor of National Rotisserie Chicken Day, I have a $50 Boston Market Gift Card to giveaway to one lucky Mom Fabulous reader. To enter, just answer this question in the comment section below:

What’s your favorite way to eat chicken?

Giveaway rules:

  • Must be 18 to enter
  • Must be located in the United States
  • Giveaway starts today (June 2nd) and ends June 9th at midnight

Good luck!!


  1. My favorite way to eat chicken is on the grill with my favorite Michigan made cherry BBQ sauce.

  2. My favorite way to eat chicken is in a chicken wrap with hummus and veggies.

  3. My favorite way to eat chicken is to eat it Roasted in the oven. It tastes so good!

  4. My favorite way to eat chicken is baked with some breadcrumbs on top! I love to eat it grilled too because the inside is just tender and juicy! I love to put chicken in casseroles as well or on top of my nachos 🙂

  5. I like to eat my chicken after marinating it in Italian salad dressing and grilling it.

  6. I love chicken so many ways, but probably my favourite way is either in chicken tacos, or as grilled honey sesame boneless chicken thighs.

  7. I love to eat chicken in casseroles, but my absolute favorite is brown sugar smoked chicken. Yummy!

  8. I like chicken fixed many ways, but I think my favorite is rotisserie–it can have so many flavors added, and best of all, I don’t have to cook it!

  9. We love homemade fried chicken with biscuits and mashed potatoes!

  10. I like fried chicken or breaded chicken strips with a side of mashed potatoes and country gravy.

  11. My favorite way to eat chicken is the chicken and rice recipe my grandmother gave me, it’s amazing!

  12. My favorite way to eat chicken is to make chicken salad for sandwiches.

  13. i love fried chicken in strip form… but i also love roasted chicken.

  14. chicken and dumplins made with my mom’s recipe love love love them

  15. My favorite way to eat chicken is BBQ chicken in the crock pot. Thanks

  16. I make the most fabulous roasted chicken that we’ll eat and then cook up for chicken noodle soup.

  17. My favorite way to eat chicken is grilled or bbq oh so good! 🙂

  18. Thank you for the giveaway. My favorite way to eat chicken is either grilled with various sides or chopped on salad.

  19. My favorite way to eat chicken is to cut the chicken off a rotisserie chicken and eat it that way, or make chicken salad out of it.

  20. My favorite way to eat chicken is grilled on the barbecue, smothered in barbecue sauce, slightly burned so the sauce is crisping off. Now my mouth is watering. HA

  21. My favorite way to eat chicken is my homemade chicken pot pie.

  22. I love chicken just about every way it can be cooked. I love old fashioned fried chicken, smokey barbeque chicken, grilled chicken (especially in salads) and in my favorite fried rice.

  23. I would say I love fried chicken the best but I like chicken cooked all different ways.

  24. My absolute favorite way to eat chicken is making Chicken and Dumplings. And if i don’t have all day to cook, i cheat by using a rotisserie chicken 😉

  25. I like to eat Costco Rotisserie chicken right off the bird.
    Thanks for the contest.

  26. my favorite way to eat it , is baked chicken wings with some hot sauce on it !

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