Super Bowl TV Ad 2014 Sneak Peek – Dannon Oikos Big Game Teaser “Full House Crew”


The 2014 Super Bowl is coming up on February 2nd and I am very, very excited about it this year. I won’t say which team I’m rooting for in hopes of steering clear of backlash (Broncos), but I’ll give you a hint. I used to live in Littleton, CO which is right outside of Denver. We loved it there, but decided to make a move to Austin, TX to be near my family. Anyway, like I said I’m not going to tell you who I’m cheering for (You got this Broncos!!), but may the best team win.

2014 Super Bowl Ad Dannon Oikos Yogurt Full House

This year YouTube has been airing teasers for the 2014 Super Bowl TV ads in a pregame gallery, getting us all ready for a great game…with great commercials. So far my favorite one is the Dannon Oikos “Full House Crew” one. Why? Because I watched the show as a kid and now my kids watch the show…all.the.time.

Want to see it? Here you go and you’re welcome.

Great right? I can’t wait to see it in its entirety!

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