Practical Yet Entertaining Father’s Day Gifts for the Father-to-be


Soon To Be Dad Father's Day Gifting Ideas

Searching for the perfect dad-to-be gifts? Whether you’re an adoring wife carrying his child, devoted mother (soon to be grandmother!), best bud, or a co-worker, a Father’s Day gift for the father-to-be can hype him up for fatherhood.

Select a Father’s Day gift that is personal, practical, and appropriate for parenthood. What would spark excitement or joy for this dad-to-be? What items could be useful as a father, helpful when he needs a rest from fatherly duties, or will make him a better teammate to his wife?

Check out this comprehensive list of father-to-be Father’s Day gifts! Remember that a Father’s Day gift for a dad-to-be should reflect his personality! Imagine this soon-to-be Dad enjoying your present!

Practical Personal Gifts

Every dad-to-be wants to be a good father who bonds with his kid. But what if I’m not good at parenting? Ease all of his worries with these gifts.

  • Headphones, because babies cry. And sometimes they cry for no reason (clean diaper, full belly, already burped, well-rested…). In those moments, put on your headphones and listen to something soothing while you graciously rock your baby into peace. Bonus: these headphones wirelessly connect to the television and to your cell phone!
  • What the soon-to-be Dad really needs is a new photo frame for his office. Pick one out that will either feature the whole family or just his newborn. Want to go a step further? Purchase a family photography session!
  • Help Dad see the amazing ways a baby develops mentally, physically and emotionally through 50 Amazing Science Projects You Can Perform On Your Kid!



Many new Dad’s romanticize the evenings where your child naturally falls asleep. Keyword: romanticize! Little ones need assistance to fall asleep. Thankfully, reading books and rocking in a chair with his baby snuggled in his lap will help bring on the zzzs. Help your friend cherish those memories with a tender (or funny) children’s book as a Father’s Day gift!

  • Your baby’s first words will be, “Dada” – right? Jimmy Fallon went on a secret campaign to ensure that his kid’s first word would be “Dada.” This is the perfect book for any Father who is a Jimmy Fallon fan – or who must be the first word out of his kid’s mouth!
  • Help this dad-to-be demystify fatherhood with the New Dad’s Survival Guide. He will not only learn helpful information, but also be entertained by this book!
  • No man can become a father without an introduction to Dad jokes. Help your friend out
    with this book of
    101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes.
  • Trust Ashton Kutcher’s advice on the realities of fatherhood. He claims that Man vs Baby: The Chaos and Comedy of Real-Life Parenting is the most accurate book on being a Dad.
  • Hey, babies do come with a manual after all!

Fitness and Entertainment

“Dad bod” doesn’t have to be a thing. Men don’t have to lose their interests, especially in sports. And they can earn their man card by being a Father. Spur on your father-to-be with one of these awesome and practice gifts.

  • A souped up car is the envy of men, and a decked out baby stroller can be the same thing. Imagine the stroller envy if you gift your man an out-of-this-world stroller! Try a Jeep Patriot Open Trails Jogger Stroller or a Chariot Cross Sport Stroller.
  • Speaking of athletic strollers, find an adorable mini outfit in the soon-to-be Daddy’s favorite sport team! Better yet, find matching sports team shirt!
  • Last, but overwhelmingly not least, purchase a Diaper Changing Survival Kit, complete with heavy duty gloves, a face mask, and scientific goggles, all of which are necessary for changing the stinkiest of diapers.

Food and Drink

Everyone knows that pregnant women like to eat! It seems like expectant fathers do as well. Support the Daddy on his first Father’s Day with a gift of unique food and drink products.

  • Cheers to Fatherhood! Purchase a set of beer bottle labels, then adhere to his favorite brand. These work for “3:00am feedings” and “dirty diaper” explosions. He will thank you! Another set includes milestones of Fatherhood, including “first time getting peed on.”
  • If you man has some issues holding in the gas, he will feel comforted that babies are the same way! This “Best Farter: Oops, I meant Father” mug is perfect for him!
  • In true preparation, remind the father-to-be that he won’t always have the right answer. In those moments, he can turn to his “Go ask your mother” mug.
  • Babies have bottles, toddlers have sippy cups, and Dad’s can have personalized “This is my sippy cup” beer glasses.
  • Gift cards. Gift cards for his favorite restaurants are an excellent option, especially when he is awake at night with the baby and doesn’t have time to pack a lunch. Some people shy away from gift cards, but they can be the most-needed gift in the first few months of parenthood. Creative designate specific gift cards for special occasions. Attach labels to the gift cards:
    • For your first date night as parents.
    • For a midnight beer run.
    • Dinner and drinks for your birthday. Babysitting provided by me!
    • For your anniversary dinner. We will babysit for free!
    • For our first coffee date (babies welcome!).
    • For take-out food because you’re too tired to cook.
    • For the night you surprise your wife by bringing home dinner.
    • For food delivery when it’s only 11:00am and it’s been a loooong day.
    • Because…coffee.

Father-to-be gifts for Father’s Day can be personal, creative, and entertaining for the special man in your life. From gag gifts to hilarious reads to useful items, any guy would be lucky to receive one of these presents for his first Father’s Day as a dad-to-be!