7 Tips To Moisturize Your Dry Hair


    Winter is the worst season for your hair. The cold, dry air sucks all of the moisture from your hair, heightens static electricity, and of course is a breeding ground for hair tangles. Being inside isn’t much better. Heat causes your hair to break more easily, become frizzy, increase split ends, and just stresses your hair out in general. Then you add in hats and scarves with sweaters with high necklines, and your hair begins to snag and break over and over. Is there any escape for your hair?

    Yes! Whether you’re in the middle of Winter or approaching Spring, you can moisturize your dry hair to keep it healthy and happy. Try one (or more) of these 7 tips to care for your dry hair.

    Dry Hair Care Tip #1: Wash less often.

    Washing and drying your hair too frequently can breed numerous problems for your scalp and hair. But this is particularly terrible in the winter where the hot water dries out your hair and the heat from a blow dryer dries it out even more! Try adding one more day in between washings.

    Thank goodness for dry shampoo! We can’t get enough of our homemade dry shampoo – made it only 2 ingredients (that are already in your pantry) and you can adjust it to your shade of hair!

    Dry Hair Care Tip #2: Deep condition.

    If you haven’t used a deep conditioner before, your winter hair is missing out. After a deep condition, your hair will be as happy a your kids on Christmas morning! A deep conditioner obviously adds moisture to your hair strands, but it also prevents breakage and split ends. What Mama doesn’t want (or need) to nourish and strengthen her hair?

    Dry Hair Care Tip #3: Pre-shampoo oil.

    Mama, if you have an extra few minutes to spare before your shower, then a pre-shampoo oil will perk up your hair in amazing ways. 15 minutes before you hop into the shower, apply an oil to your hair strands (avoid your scalp). Use one of the following oils: almond, argan, avocado, castor, coconut, jojoba or olive oil. This not only moisturizes your hairs, but also envelopes the strands so that they don’t break during your shampoo, repels unwanted minerals that are present in your water, and defends against excessive build-up.

    Dry Hair Care Tip #4: Use steam.

    Use steam to moisturize your hair. A smart Mama like yourself knows that steam is just warm water in the form of gas (steam). The best way to moisturize your hair with steam is to take a warm shower or bath without using a shower cap. Simple and effective, every Mama has time for this!

    Dry Hair Care Tip #5: Avoid heat.

    The dry Winter air and high intensity heat are two of the worst things for your locks. You can style your hair without heat, just like your grandma did. Opt for old-fashioned curlers or braids.

    Dry Hair Care Tip #6: Wear a hat.

    Hats can keep your hair out of the cold air or brisk wind. I know that hats ruin your awesome hair style, but it’s better to trap the moisture in your hair instead of having nature strip it of it’s lusciousness. Here’s the best way to protect your hair: part your hair down the middle, then pull each side forward like pigtails, then put on your hat or scarf. It will avoid the wind and it will prevent knots or breakage on the nape of your neck.

    Dry Hair Care Tip #7: Trim more split ends.

    When you spot those split ends, trim them right away. Get rid of the unwanted dry ends to keep your hair growing healthy. All it takes is half of an inch trim. Worried about your hair not growing? Vitamins and plenty of fresh fruits and veggies will make your hair grow faster and stay stronger.

    Stronger hair is moisturized hair.

    Say bye-bye to Winter hair and hello to refreshed hair. With one of these 7 tips, your hair will be revitalized, transformed, and nourished. Every Mama deserves one of these hair care treatments. Pamper yourself today!

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