How to Be Proactive About the Way You Feel, Inside and Out


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I learned something about myself not too long ago. I learned that I love to complain about how I feel (tired, cranky, unmotivated), but I wasn’t willing to be proactive with my health and do something about it. I’d say things like “I’m so tired of being tired.” Or, “These stomach pains are controlling my life.” Or, “I wish I just felt good!

Complaining about the way I feel did nothing for me. It didn’t give me energy. It didn’t make my stomach feel better. It didn’t cure my headaches. And it sure as heck didn’t magically make me feel like a new woman. In fact, the complaining part just made me feel worse.

Healthy Living

I realized the only person who is in control of my health and in control of how I live each day, is ME. It was time to make some changes if I didn’t want to look back on my life and regret not making smarter health decisions. So here’s what I’ve done and what I’m starting to do so I can wake up each day feeling amazing.

How I’m Being Proactive About the Way I Feel, Inside and Out

What I’ve been doing:

Made eating healthy easier on myselfI wrote about this topic recently and how I sabotage my success when it comes to eating a healthier diet. How? By making junk food so incredibly convenient to eat and making healthy food an inconvenience.  Junk food was always easily accessible and ready to grab when I needed a snack. Healthy food was always sitting in a drawer in my refrigerator waiting to be washed and prepped. Now healthy options are convenient for me by doing some weekly prep.

Prepping snacks for healthy eating

Getting up and moving every day — Since I work from home, leaving the house every day just doesn’t happen. Plus, my oldest kids get themselves to school and my youngest is home-schooled. Needless to say, I’m not carting them around everywhere like when they were young.

Because of this, I started some very unhealthy habits of not getting outside and a) getting some much-needed vitamin D and b) getting exercise.

We recently started homeschooling our youngest, so as part of his P.E., he and I go on a walk/jog every day. It’s good one on one time and it gets me up and moving, which is necessary for so many reasons!

Daily Exercise

Drinking more water — I struggle horribly with migraines and I had a feeling one of the triggers was dehydration. I’m great at sipping on coffee or hot tea all day, but not when it comes to drinking enough water. So I made a goal to drink more water. I started off with making sure I drank four big glasses a day and then when I had that habit nailed down, I moved up my consumption. I knew if I tried to start off with a big goal, I would fail. So I took baby steps and it’s working.

What I’m starting to do:

Living digestively — What does that mean you ask? It means I’m taking my digestive health seriously and started taking a probiotic. I’ve heard about probiotics, but never looked into them to see if it’s something I could benefit from. Until now.


I’ve teamed up with RenewLife to try their product for myself.  I picked up a bottle of Ultimate Flora Extra Care Daily Probiotic and just started taking it. I’m quite excited! Yes, I’m excited about my digestive health. 😉 Why? Because there’s not a week that goes by that my stomach doesn’t hurt and I got to the point where I just lived with it.

Well, I’m done living with it and am ready to feel more energized, lighter and healthier. If taking a probiotic is new to you like it is to me, here are some details on the product I’m taking:

  • 30 billion live cultures per capsule
  • 10 scientifically studied probiotic strains
  • Supports digestive and immune health*
  • Helps restore digestive balance*
  • Once daily, delayed-release capsule for targeted delivery
  • Dairy and gluten free
  • Quality, purity, and potency guaranteed through expiration

* When taken regularly, this powerful, high-potency formula helps restore your body’s good, natural flora.

*Ultimate Flora Probiotics are specially formulated to support digestive balance and harmony.


If you’d like to try this Probiotic, digestive health  product for yourself, you can Save $3 on your purchase at Target. Also, stay tuned for an update on how this product made me feel after taking it regularly.

Decluttering to live simply — When it comes to my health, I know that what I choose to surround myself with makes a big impact. I need to heal my body from the inside out and part of that journey is getting rid of clutter to live a simpler life. I’ve started writing about this new passion of mine and have been blown away by your responses. It seems I’m not alone when it comes to desperately wanting to clear the clutter and live simply.

We just recently got serious about this and are selling/donating our possessions like crazy. It’s been very freeing to admit to myself that I can live with less and do it happily. Next up, is selling our house and downsizing. Needless to say, we have exciting plans ahead that include experiences and not things.

Have you made any changes in your life to be more proactive about your health? If so, I would love to hear what they are in the comments below!

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