Our New Home: What I’ve Purchased So Far


We’ve been in our new house for two weeks now. Two weeks! I can’t believe it. We still have plenty of boxes to unpack and seasonal decorations to move up to the attic, but it’s been so hot. Who wants to move boxes into a stuffy attic in 100-degree temps? Not me. Not my husband. Those boxes can wait. Who needs to park in the garage anyway right?

As you may know, we purchased a black leather couch for the living room. Black leather is something I’ve never had in my home. I’ve never had a pair of black leather pants either. Shocking I know. What do we think of our black leather couch choice? We absolutely love it! Since we went with such a large and black piece of furniture, I lightened the mood up a bit with some color. Here’s what I’ve purchased for the living room so far.

Living Room

Pillows, Lots and Lots of Pillows

living room pillows

A New Canvas

A New Chair from IKEA

ikea chair

A New Clock from Big Lots (It was 75% off!)

silver clock

A Yellow Bird (Because every living room needs one)

yellow bird

A New Desk from IKEA – Our computers are in a section of the living room. It works.


A Blue Table – This wasn’t a new purchase, just a redo. It was brown. And every living room needs a blue table right?

living room

Dining Room

A New Table, A Black Tray & EAT letters in blue with a chalkboard – the EAT was red from our old house, so I just painted them. I heart spray paint.

dining room

Entry Way

A Bicycle my daughter found


Guest Bathroom

Wall Hanging

bathroom deco

Items On Their Way

Here are a few items I ordered that are on their way.

Bathroom Shelf for the guest bathroom.

This Round Blue Storage Ottoman I’m freaking out about – in a good way.

blue storage ottoman

These two Living room lamps. One is for the blue table and one is for a dresser in the living room.

living room lamps

I still have a TON to do, but I’m taking it one day at a time and enjoying the process. My goal is to only purchase items I fall in love with. For example – I haven’t put any curtains up in our entire home. Why? I donated all of our old ones and am waiting either to make the new curtains myself or wait until I find some to buy that I can’t live with out. I’m working on my patience. 🙂

I’ll update you on new home developments every now and then. Have you purchased something new for your home? Tell me what it is and direct me to a picture! I would love to see it.


  1. Hi,
    Came along your site by googling how to decorate with black leather sofa. I have bought a pair, and now really dread them. I was hoping to see more of your finished home, as you mentioned you were expecting more pieces for your living room. So yeah, I like your blog and hope to see more pictures of your decorating style.
    Mavis. S

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