Our First Day of School


First Day of School

Everyone survived their first day of school yesterday. I only did one crummy first day of school pic. (I don’t mean my kids looked crummy. I mean it wasn’t all posey and my 4th grader is missing.) Why? Well, pictures stress out my fourth grader. Like really stress him out. Especially on big moments like the first day of school. So, I’ll take one of him today after school. It’s cool. Why stress him out when he’s already nervous about a big day right? Right.

So here’s a bullet list of how everyone’s first day seemed to go:

Aaron the 4th grader:

  • He has several of his friends in his class, which he’s very excited about.
  • His class has like 157 boys in it and 4 girls.
  • He said his teacher is very laid back, which he likes.
  • He also said he teacher will say a joke, which you don’t realize is a joke until a few minutes later and then you’re all like “ha, that was funny”. We told him that’s called a dry sense of humor.
  • He likes his new P.E. teacher. They played tag. He hurt his finger.
  • He showed his class two magic tricks. The one where it looks like you take your finger off and another one where it looks like you put your finger through your ear. His class was amazed. One kid bribed him with a pencil if he would show him how to do them. It was neon orange. Aaron likes his new pencil.
  • He liked recess. Shocking.
  • He was extremely tired when he arrived home but still managed to talk his dad into taking him to the pool for a night swim.

Josiah the 9th Grader:

  • He didn’t get lost once. A miracle for a freshman.
  • He has lunch with two friends. A miracle for a freshman and sigh of relief.
  • He has a heck of a lot of core classes on A day. Which kind of sucks, but he’ll figure it out.
  • B day will be easy peasy with only one core class.
  • He had ketchup spilled all over his nice white shorts and I ran a pair of clean ones up. Fun first day excitement. (OxiClean to the rescue!!)
  • He was the Random Raider and had a fun picture shown of him on the morning news. Lucky guy. 😀
  • He starts swim practice Wednesday which means waking up before 6, leaving the house at 6:45 am swimming until 9, busing it on over to the high school, getting ready for school and heading to class. I’m sure those first few days will be interesting but again, he’ll get it all figured out. We always do don’t we?

Hannah our 10th grader:

  • She didn’t get lost once. A miracle for her. She’ll tell you that herself. She inherited my directionally challenged genes.
  • She had lunch with friends on her first day. Whoop!
  • Her i.d. picture turned out awesome, which she was very happy about.
  • She’s super happy to not be in band this year. Kudos to you band kids and parents. That is one grueling schedule to keep up with.
  • She’s in broadcast this year and looking forward to that.
  • She overall feels very positive about this year and I couldn’t be more excited for her!

How were your kiddos’ first day of school? I hope they came out with smiles on their faces and woke up looking forward to today.

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