New Styles from ModCloth You’ll Want in Your Closet Right Now (And They’re 40% Off)!


ModCloth has added some fabulous new styles and if gawking at their awesomeness wasn’t enough, they’re also 40% off. These are styles you’ll want in your closet this very minute. Trust me! Take a look at a few of my favorites below.

New Dresses from ModCloth

ModCloth Dress

Great Wavelengths Dress in Olive

modcloth dress

Record Time Dress in Navy

modcloth dress

Great Wavelengths Dress in Paisley

modcloth dress

Darling Decoupauge Dress

modcloth dress

Keynote Taking Dress

New Tops from ModCloth

modcloth tops

Safari As I Can See Top in Equine

modcloth tops

All Nigh Blogathon Top in Red

modcloth tops

Where It’s Mat Top in Ikat

New ModCloth Jeans

modcloth jeans

Ease Are the Days Jeans

modcloth jeaans

Jam Packed Jaunt Jeans

modcloth jeans

Fashion Philosophy Jeans

New ModCloth Bags

modcloth handbags

Visualize Victory Backpack in Carmel

modcloth backpack

Backpack to the Future Bag in Midnight

modcloth bag

Hip As Can Be Bag





There are also new shoes and accessories to take a look at. All 40% off! See the huge list of new styles from ModCloth on sale here.