How To Make Money Blogging In Any Niche


    Are you struggling to make money on your blog? Are you thinking about changing niches because you can’t seem to monetize?

    Though some niches may be more popular than others, there is plenty of room for any niche to be successful and profitable.

    Some may say to not choose a niche that is too targeted, such as starting a blog only about knitting or dogs because they think they’ll have a small audience. However, having a niche so targeted can be beneficial for several reasons, just as having a lifestyle blog can also be beneficial.

    There are blogs out there that are tremendously popular and successful because they are so targeted and niche or even incredibly broad.

    You can make any niche profitable as long as you learn how to effectively monetize the right way.

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    Below is a list of ways to make any niche profitable and how to dominate that niche!

    1. Learn to monetize correctly

    When starting a blog, oftentimes people rely on ad revenue to earn income. However, there are many other aways to monetize a blog in any niche such as:

    Create posts with the end in mind. If you are writing a post about effective weight loss programs, make sure you are including links to other related posts on your blog, links to a weight loss product you’ve created, or even links to affiliate programs related to weight loss.

    At the end of every post, create a call to action so that people are motivated to either go read other posts on your blog or click on an affiliate link.


    2. Google Analytics

    If you don’t have Google Analytics set up on your blog yet, make sure to do that as soon as possible. Google Analytics is free and easy to set up.

    With Google Analytics you can monitor various different things and figure what is and isn’t working on your blog.

    One of the most helpful things Google Analytics does is figure out which posts and pages on your blog are doing the most successful. By figuring out what your most popular posts are, you can mimic these posts and brach out post ideas from these articles. You can also work on monetizing these articles better since the majority of your traffic is going to these posts.

    Not only does this free tool tell you what posts are the most popular, you can also figure out what kind of paid product or affiliate marketing you want to focus on.

    3. Sell a product

    Is your goal to monetize your blog by creating a product of your own? Find out why people are coming to your blog and create a product to help their problem.

    After figuring out what posts are the most popular on your website, come up with ideas to sell a product that will solve the readers problem

    For example, if your most popular posts have to do with people wanting to lose weight on a vegan diet, you can create a paid ebook that helps people do exactly this.

    Find out what your audience is struggling with and solve their problem.

    Find out what your audience is struggling with and solve their problem.

    4. Reach out to brands in your niche

    Reaching out to brands either because you want to pitch a sponsored post or sign up for their affiliate program is a great way to monetize your blog.

    When reaching out to other brands, make sure you make yourself stand out among others. Don’t make the pitch too long, but make sure you are sharing enough about you and your blog so the brand doesn’t want to say no to you.

    5. Do keyword research

    Taking advantage of keyword research through Google Keyword Planner or any other keyword finder can help you tremendously. You could even simply go on and type in words in there and see what comes up.

    For example, you could type in weight loss. You’ll find that people are often looking up the words “weight loss motivation” or “weight loss programs”. By figuring out what people are often looking up on Google, you can create posts that solve those problems. Sprinkle in affiliate links to weight loss programs and leave motivating quotes around your blog.

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