It’s Time to Get in the Trenches: 15 Stylish Trench Coats


Stylish Trench CoatsAs I sit here freezing and dreaming of spring, I often think about colored skinny jeans, sandals and dresses. But spring is a very tricky time of the year. The weather is up, down, sideways and backwards and you never quite know what to expect. Spring also usually brings a little more rain. Can one look good while splashing through the puddles? Why yes. Yes one can. We’re talking trench coats ladies.

15 Stylish Trench Coats

Every mom should have a go-to trench coat in her closet. They are perfect for those rainy days and for when there’s a slight chill in the air. Here are 15 stylish trench coats that caught my eye.

1. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Water Resistant Hooded Rain Coat

Pink Trench Coat

2. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Double Breasted Belted Water Resistant Rain Trench Coat


Tommy Hilfiger Trench coat 02

3. Via Spiga Women’s Double Breasted Belted Spring Trench Coat With Pleating Details

White trench coat 03

4. bebe Colorblock Fit &Flare Trench Coat

Colorblock trench coat 04

5. Via Spiga Women’s Single Breasted Trench Coat With Color Blocking Detail

single breasted trench coat 05

6. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Belted Trench

Beige trench coat 06

7. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Classic Belted Trench

Tommy Hilfiger Trench coat 07

8. Armani Exchange Classic Trench

coral trench coat 08

9. Via Spiga Women’s Women’s Water Resistant Single Breasted Trench Coat

Blue trench coat

10. GUESS Jessie Polka-Dot Trench Coat

polka dot trench coat 10

11. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Cora Trench Coat

black trench coat 11

12. Miss Sixty Women’s City Trench

Miss Sixty trench coat 12

13. bebe Contrast Cuff Trench Coat

bebe trench coaty 13

14. Kensie Women’s Trench Coat

Kensie trench coat 14

15. Jessica Simpson Women’s Double Breasted Trench

Pink trench Coat 15

Now we just need a pretty umbrella, some cute puddle stomping boots and a Grande Vanilla Spice Latte and we’re good to go!