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Last summer, our family traveled a lot and it was one of the best summers we’ve had yet. We went to Colorado and California, plus my two oldest kids went to Honduras. Needless to say, we’ve been bitten by the travel bug big time and just want to go, go, go – and see the world. This summer will be a little more low-key, unfortunately.

With all that traveling last summer, the fact that we used to be military and packing was life and I traveled around Europe when I was 18 and 19 – I know a thing or two about how to pack. Maxwell Falls Trail Hike 01

My favorite picture from our Colorado trip

For me, the key is to pack items that are interchangeable to create multiple outfits with just a few pieces.  Plus, the right luggage is incredibly important as well. I recently received a piece of Atlantic luggage and I’m super excited to put it to good use with a few weekend trips we have planned.


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Back to packing…

Again, my goal is less is more with the ability to create multiple outfits. The picture below is 8 pieces + 3 pairs of shoes that can create 8 different outfits. There are: two pairs of jeans, two tops, two dresses, denim jacket, scarf, wedges, booties and flats. How to pack for trip Both tops can be worn with both pairs of jeans. The dresses can be worn alone, with the scarf or with the denim jacket. I can wear the pink flats with both dresses and tops to add a splash of color. Needless to say, you don’t need very many items to have a travel wardrobe you’re proud of.

Here’s how I put the 8 pieces of clothing and 3 pairs of shoes together to create 8 different outfits.

I have a few weekend trips planned, one which requires flying and one driving. I need the least amount of luggage for both trips. The Atlantic Ultra LITE 3 luggage piece I received is so lightweight (only 7.2 pounds!) and is perfect for families on the go like ours. The spinners on bottom move 360 degrees and effortlessly roll in any direction you need it to go. The retractable handle has two stopping points (38″ and 42″) which is brilliant to me. It also expands up to 2″, maximizing packing space. It expands on the lower half, which keeps the bag from tipping forward. Have you had as many bags as I have that once you let go, they fall forward? So annoying! And they all seem to do that.

How to pack for tripInside there’s a full size mesh pocket that helps keep pressed shirts and pants wrinkle free, as well as two straps to help keep clothes in place. I also love the fact that the piece I have is a carry-on size.

My daughter and I are traveling to D.C. this summer for a weekend and my goal is to only bring  a carry-on. Do you think I can do it?! I’m excited to bring this beautiful and stylish piece of luggage with me, packed with all of my essentials – IN ONE BAG. 😉 How to pack for trip

Atlantic Luggge

Atlantic Luggage-01Alright, would you like to know how to enter the Atlantic Luggage Trip to Orlando Florida Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip for four? Here are the details:

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    • Grand Prize trip must be booked by March 31, 2016 and travel must be completed by June 30, 2016
  • Prizes:
    • Win a family trip for four to Orlando, courtesy of Atlantic Luggage!
    • The trip includes round-trip airfare for four, 3 nights of hotel stay, four two-day admission passes to 34 of Orlando’s best attractions, $150 spending money and 4 carry-on pieces of Atlantic luggage Total prize value of $4,270

How fun does this trip sound?! It’s one to build lasting memories with your family. Our traveling experiences have definitely brought our family closer together and I know it’s something we’ll continue to do together, even after my kids are long gone out of the house. (sniff sniff)

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Atlantic Luggage – Win a Family Trip for Four to Orlando

Are you traveling anywhere this summer? Share a packing tip with me! I would love to hear them.

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  1. While I will not be traveling this year my oldest is moving away and will require traveling. My one tip is to make sure anything that can leak is sealed in two ziploc bags to ensure safety.

  2. I’m something of a whiz at packing myself. I always pack 4 tops, 4 bottoms (only one pair of jeans – those puppies are heavy), one pair of shoes, a swimming suit, and a lightweight jacket. I wear the jeans, heaviest shirt, and jacket on the plane. This configuration has taken me from heat of equatorial Africa to Eastern Europe with snow on the ground – same trip, same wardrobe, and I comfortably transitioned from one to the other. Now we have kids; and we often fly overseas with just our carry-ons. My husband isn’t a light packer, but neither one of us wants to carry a lot of bags; so I’ve perfected the art of getting clothing for me and our two children (who do need more clothes than my 4+4 system) into one carry-on weighing about 7 kilos. We prefer to check bags; but if the airline will charge a fortune for it, we make do with carry-ons.

    My big tip is to roll clothes. They take up a lot less space that way.

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