Hot Chocolate Spoons for Your Hot Chocolate Bar


Every year, right around Thanksgiving I put together a Hot Chocolate Bar. Which means we have everything we need to make one amazing cup of hot chocolate right at our fingertips. This year I decided to add a little something extra and make Hot Chocolate Spoons.

Hot Chocolate Bar 09

Hot Chocolate Spoons 05

You can read all about how I set up this Hot Chocolate Bar over at Parties365. It was super easy and my kids and their friends love it. All you need are some containers, some toppings, a festive tray and a few personal touches like a chalkboard drawing and labels.

Hot Chocolate Spoons

The Hot Chocolate Spoons were really easy to make and fun to use of course! All you need to do is melt some caramel squares for the caramel spoons and some baking chocolate squares for the chocolate spoons. I used Baker’s Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate and it was the perfect amount of sweetness.

After you’ve melted the caramel or chocolate, dip your spoon in to coat it. Lay it on wax paper and sprinkle your topping of choice on before it hardens. Do the spoons one at a time: dip in coating, sprinkle with topping, dip in coating, sprinkle with topping and so on until you’ve used all of your ingredients.

Hot Chocolate Spoons 04

The caramel hardens almost immediately and sets up very quickly. The baking chocolate takes about an hour to harden and set up.

I made salted caramel spoons and used sea salt to sprinkle on each spoon. These are my favorite! That added caramel and salt touch to a cup of hot cocoa really makes it special. For the chocolate spoons, I used crushed peppermint, toffee bits and mini marshmallows.

As you stir your hot chocolate, the caramel or chocolate and the toppings slowly melt into your cup. It’s magical.

Hot Chocolate Spoons 02


These would also perfect to give as gifts. You could make a Hot Chocolate Basket and include all of the ingredients for a Hot Chocolate Bar, plus the Hot Chocolate Spoons. Add in some cute mugs and you have one very fun and thoughtful gift. 

I will definitely be making these every year and including them in our Hot Chocolate Bar set up.

Hot Chocolate Spoons 07


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