Hairstyle Ideas That’ll Make You Call Your Stylist TODAY


I have some hairstyle ideas for you today, courtesy of Jose Luis Salon here in my lovely city of Austin, that will have you calling your stylist today to hook you up! From bayalage and bobs, to a blonde going red – you will love these before and after pictures. If you’re local and want  a spring makeover like these ladies, give the Jose Luis Salon a call and get that hair appointment on the books asap.

First up, one super cute bob hairstyle perfect for spring. Here she is before…

Hairstyle Ideas-06

And here she is after…

Hairstyle Ideas-03


The bob is a big spring trend and I’ve seen it popping up on celebrities like crazy. The choppy bob is all about texture. To get that look, spray Oribe Dry Texture throughout the hair to give it a messy texture.

Stylist: Mandy Denson

Photo Credit: K.Jude Photography (Purple dress images); Jose Luis Salon (White shirt images)

I love her new look, don’t you?! She looks so vibrant. Here are a couple more before pictures, as well as what she looked like right after.

Hairstyle Ideas-07

Hairstyle Ideas-08

Here are a few more of her after, in that stunning purple dress.

Hairstyle Ideas-01

The side braid is a really great idea and something I am trying! A side braid, blue eye liner and strong brows are more spring trends to try.

Hairstyle Ideas-02

Hairstyle Ideas-04

Are you ready for that bob now?

Let’s Chat Bayalage

Next up, a subtle Balayage and Ombre Combo. Here are her before pictures….

bayalage hairstyle-01

bayalage hairstyle-02


bayalage hairstyle-03

bayalage hairstyle-04

It’s so subtle that it looks natural. Very pretty!

Subtle Balayage Ombre with Beachy Waves is another big spring trend. To get this look, use a 1 inch Wand Curling Iron and R+Co. Outerspace Hairsprary.

Stylist: Ryan Claudon, Callie Meuer, Theresa Przybyla

Photo Credit: Jose Luis Salon

bayalage hairstyle-05

Would you like more bayalage and ombre combo before and afters? Well you’re in luck, because I have quite a few more.

Here’s one with a mid-length cut. 

Bayalage hairstyle-06

To get this look, use R+Co. Aircraft Pommade Mousse on dry hair to give the hair a wavy texture.

Stylist: Nancy Melendez

Photo Credit: Jose Luis Salon

Balayage and Ombre Combo

Bayalage Hairstyle-07

With Balayage Ombre, this color mimics the natural look of sun-kissed hair.  This low maintenance color trend also allows clients to go longer in between color appointments. Going longer between appointments sounds great to me!

Stylist: Grace Filipowicz

Photo Credit: Jose Luis Salon

Subtle Balayage and Ombre

Subtle Bayalage Hairstyle

To create these big waves, use a 1 ½ inch curling iron and Kerastase Laque Couture Hairspray.  Take 1-inch sections, and start curling the hair from the mid-shaft to the ends away from the face.  Once all the hair is curled, use your finger to brush through the hair.

Stylist: Grace Filipowicz

Photo Credit: Jose Luis Salon

Balayage and Ombre

Bayalage Hairstyle-08

Get a beautiful blowout that gives your hair voluminous body that lasts a couple of days.

Stylist: Grace Filipowicz

Photo Credit: Jose Luis Salon

From Blonde to Red

Have you ever wanted to go from blonde to red? Here’s a stunning before and after that makes red hair very, very tempting. 


blonde to red-02

blonde to red-02




It looks like she was born with this hair color. It compliments her skin tone perfectly and she looks fierce and confident!

Stylist: Nancy Melendez

Photo Credit: K.Jude Photography (Red hair images); Jose Luis Salon (Blonde hair images)

Did you see any hairstyle ideas that caught your eye? Are you ready for a change? If yes, then go for it!

Thank you to Jose Luis Salon for the pictures, spring trends and hair tips.