Festival Season Calls For Bohemian Arm Candy


It’s that time of year again! The weather is warming up (Okay, well it’s supposed to be warming up) and people are heading outdoors for festivals and large concerts. Festival style is so much fun. It’s a laid back style that involves fun patterns and usually lots of color. I have a couple of shirts that would fall under the bohemian style, but as I was browsing through some gorgeous bohemian jewelry – it became very clear to me that I need a few pieces of those as well.

I hope you enjoy this eye, er, arm candy as much as I did.

Festival Style Arm Candy

Festival Style Arm Candy

Nine West Blue Trioblank || Ettika Blue Leather and Gold Tasselblank || Multi-Color Textured Friendship Braceletblank || Mercedes Salazar Embroidered Vintage Braceletblank || Blee Inara Turquoise and Gold Braceletblank || Napier Sea Bubbles Braceletblank || Lucky Brand “Cleobella” Bangle Braceletblank || Kenneth Cole New York Toggle Braceletblank || Gypsies + Debutantes Friendship Braceletblank || Nine West Gypset Braceletblank || Multi-Color Textured Friendship Braceletblank || Ettika Yellow Jade Stretch Braceletblank

Do you embrace the festival season and style? Here in Austin, Texas we are all about our outdoor concerts. It’s an amazing place to be for music in the spring and summer. Obviously. 😉


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