Fall Fashion: Casual Weekend Wear


Outfit Ideas for Fall

It’s Thursday and I’m definitely already thinking about the weekend. My daughter and I are headed out of town tomorrow for a retreat, so I need to decide what I want to wear and get to packing. I’m pretty much casual all the time, but on the weekends in fall, you’ll see me in sweaters, jeans and boots of all kinds. Sometimes during the week I’ll wear a skirt or dress because I love them, but fall fashion on the weekends is all about comfort.

Outfit Ideas for Fall-02


I purchased this sweater at Kohl’s last season and it has become one of my absolute favorites. It’s extremely comfy, hangs loose, has fun button detailing and a hood. What more could I ask for in a sweater? I always wear a t-shirt, long or short sleeve, underneath and have paired it with different styles of boots, flats and TOMS.

The scarf has become a favorite as well. I really wish I could tell you where it’s from, and maybe I’ll track down the company some day, but as of now…I just can’t remember. The jeans are from Old Navy and the boots are from Shoedazzle. The white t-shirt is from Gap (similar here).

What do you typically wear on the weekends? Yoga pants? Sweaters? Pajamas?

Let me know. Now, about that packing…