My Experience with the BodyBoss Fitness Guide + No More Lame Excuses!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BodyBoss, Ultimate Body Fitness Guide. All opinions are 100% mine. Use code MOMFABULOUS to get 15% off your order until March 30, 2018!

You all know I love creating the monthly outfit ideas for you and your feedback on them has been so incredibly nice. But there were a few Mom Fabulous readers who have said that while you love the outfit ideas, it doesn’t do you much good if you don’t feel good in anything you wear.

In the recent reader survey that I sent out, I asked what your biggest frustration in life was right now. Over 50% of the answers were about weight and health. And about 20% of those answers included that weight and health were an issue because you didn’t have enough time or know where to even begin on your health journey.

And I want you to know that I hear you loud and clear.

But I want to ask you one question and also offer up some tough love:

Do you have 24 minutes, 3 times a week?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that when you dig a little deep and if you want to put your health and the way you feel about your body as a top priority, you can answer that question with a ‘Yes.’

For me personally, when it comes to exercise and eating right, time isn’t an issue. One reason we sold our house and hit the road to travel full-time, was so we could take back our time. And we have.

My biggest issues are consistency and laziness.

I have always struggled with consistency in every aspect of my life, whether it’s my work or achieving a goal I set. I’m very good at letting myself get off track and focus on that next shiny thing. I’m also very good at choosing Netflix over exercise. Actually, I’m good at choosing just about anything over exercise.

Well, I’m tired of making excuses. I’m tired of not feeling good. I’m tired of feeling like I’m going to die when we go on hikes in some of the most beautiful places in America. I’m tired of being tired.

So, I’m doing something about it. Step one is choosing a consistent fitness plan that works for my current season of life.

Let me introduce you to BodyBoss.

Body Boss Review

BodyBoss – Ultimate 12-Week Fitness Guide

Remember when I asked if you have 24 minutes, 3 times a week? Well, that’s  just one of the reasons BodyBoss appealed to me and why I think you should try it too.

What is BodyBoss?

Body Boss Review

BodyBoss is a 12-week program that you can do in the comfort of your own home. You don’t need any fancy equipment and you can work out anytime, anywhere.

Their high-intensity workouts will help you rapidly burn fat and reinvent your shape. You’ll save time and money with this fitness guide because you don’t need an expensive gym membership and it only requires 24 active minutes, 3 times a week.

The step-by-step guide is very easy to follow. They explain and illustrate the exercises in a very clear way. So whether you’re a visual or verbal learner, you’ll understand exactly what each exercise is.

One thing that intrigued me about this program was what they call the #BossEffect. BodyBoss is known for delivering big results in a short amount of time and part of that is because of this #BossEffect. What is it? It’s the afterburn effect, meaning you continue burning calories even after the workout is done. Sounds good to me!

Body Boss Review

The Program

The program has four cycles that add up to 12 weeks:

  • Kick-start
  • Step Up
  • Body Boost
  • Boss Level

It also includes a 4-week pre-training, which I thought I didn’t need. Spoiler alert: I did. Oh did I ever.

The Pre-Training

Body Boss Review

The pre-training is for those of us who need to improve our strength and cardio in order to prepare your body to take on the full program. It conditions your legs, abs, core, and arms.

I tried to dig right into the main program and my body instantly told me I wasn’t ready. I overestimated my ability and strength and that’s OK. The pre-training is for people like me.

Each day begins with a warm-up (I look forward to the stretches because they feel incredible), then takes you into the workout and ends with a cool down. The entire week is laid out for you, so you know exactly what you should be doing and for how long. This works out perfectly for me because when it comes to exercise, I want to know what to expect and then know exactly what and how I should be doing something in order to get results.

Body Boss review

After you’re done with the four-week pre-training, you’re ready for the main program.

My results with the pre-training

As I mentioned, I tried starting out with the main program first and my body told me very quickly it wasn’t ready. I was having some lower back issues, as well as not being able to do some of the exercises (I’m talking to you side jacks and planks).

So I started doing the pre-training (which was still kicking my butt, but in a good way) and was doing great for the first three weeks. I was already feeling stronger and I started looking forward to doing the exercises.

Body Boss review

On a side note: Since we are traveling full-time via RV, I do these exercises in the RV park. Yep, outside for all to see, but I decided I didn’t care and I was just making an excuse if I said I couldn’t exercise because of that. And I’m done making excuses. So. if I can do this program in an RV park, with strangers watching me, you can do this too. We’re heading to Florida soon and you can bet I’ll be doing BodyBoss on the beach!

Unfortunately, three weeks into the program and my family and I were nailed with the flu. Which meant no exercise for me for a week! I’m feeling better and have decided to start back at the beginning of the pre-training. It’s not a race and I know I need to do what’s best for my body.

Do you want to join me?

If you’re ready to transform your body and gain back control of the way you feel, then come join me. We can become Body Bosses together.

Head over to to order your Ultimate Body 12-Week Fitness Guide. They also recently released the 12-Week Superfood Nutrition Guide which I’m thinking about trying out.

Use code MOMFABULOUS for 15% off your order until March 30, 2018!

Since I feel like I wasn’t able to give you a thorough review of the program, after getting sick and only going through the pre-training, I’ll do two update posts: one in the middle of the program and one at the end.

I’m looking forward to becoming the boss of my body and updating you on my results.



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