Day 3: Your Mini Wardrobe Emergency Kit


Welcome to Day 3 of 31 Days of Fashion – Tips, Tricks and Outfit Ideas

Have you ever been out and about and you noticed a hem loose on your skirt or maybe you spilled a drop of coffee on your white blouse. Those wardrobe mishaps are frustrating and can sometimes make your entire day seem a little out of whack. But with a few tools on hand, you can fix these mishaps – from spills and stains to rips and tears.

Have you ever been away from the house and spilled something on yourself or noticed as loose hem on your skirt? These items are the perfect solutions to stash in your bag. The first one has been invaluable to me!


Your Mini Wardrobe Emergency Kit

Double Sided Tape – This little tool is magic. It can fix a hem coming loose, an unruly bra strap that keeps slipping, a gaping blouse between buttons and can even secure your blouse in place. Also, you know that annoying long part of your belt that can stick out? Tape it! Once you realize the power of double-sided tape, you’ll never leave home without it.

Tide to Go Pen – Have you ever been away from the house and you know, spilled something on yourself or noticed a small stain that you swear wasn’t there when you got dressed?! Yep, me too. The Tide to Go Pen can be your best on the go friend for stains. Use it for fresh food and drink stains.

Wet Ones – Although my kids are older now, I still carry around a small package of wet ones. They too can be used on stains, especially makeup. Plus they’re perfect to have around when you need to clean your hands or wipe down a dirty table.

Safety Pins – Attach a couple of these to your key ring to fix a rip, a blouse that won’t behave and a number of other wardrobe mishaps. After you get in the habit of carrying one or two around, you’ll wonder what you did before without them.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Emergency Kit – The Hollywood Fashion Emergency Kit has all the products needed to prevent or repair any wardrobe malfunction. Includes: Hollywood Fashion Tape, Deodorant-Removing Sponge, Lint-Removing Sheets, Sewing Kit, Stain Wipe, Earring Back, Instant Button, Hair Band, Nail File, Blister Pad and Shoe-Shine Sponge.

Hollywood Secrets Fashion Emergency Kit

Do you have any secret wardrobe mishaps products you don’t leave home without?