Creating My Family’s Dream Vacation In Gulf County, Florida


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Last summer was absolutely amazing for our family of five. We spent the summer traveling, which is a huge passion of ours. From my husband and I living in Europe in our younger years and traveling to countries such as Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Germany – to joining the Air Force and living in beautiful destinations such as Alaska and Colorado, traveling and experiencing new adventures together is in our blood.

Planning a family vacation can be tricky. You’re taking your hard earned money and spending it on places and experiences that you hope are memorable, fun and enjoyable for the whole family. So when you take into account visiting somewhere you’ve never been before, it’s a little nerve wracking. I’ll never forget one trip where I chose a hotel that was not only disgustingly dirty, but it was in the perfect location to hear airplanes fly over at all hours of the night. Perfect.

A Dream Vacation In Gulf County, Florida

When we think about where we want to travel as a family, it needs to include adventure and we like to do our research (after learning what NOT researching can result in).

Of all the states I’ve visited and lived in, there’s one in particular that I can not believe I’ve never been to. I’m talking about Florida. Believe it or not, we lived in Georgia for 4 years and last time I checked a map, Florida is pretty darn close. I guess when I’ve always thought of Florida visions of Disney World, crowded beaches and traffic came to mind. What I didn’t realize is there are places such as Gulf County which would suit my adventure seeking, relaxing, enjoying life moment by moment kind of family. How do I know this if I’ve never been there? (But oh how I want to go!) I spent what I thought would be about 15 minutes on the Gulf County Adventure Guide planning a dream vacation for my family. It turned into 45 minutes of reading, looking at pictures and envisioning my family creating lifelong memories. Every month the guide highlights locals to help you get to know Gulf County and everything it has to offer. What kind of adventures would my family want to do while we’re there? Let me tell you…

Kayak Through the Dead Lakes

Kayaking is something we’ve been talking about doing for years and this sets the stage for one stunning and remarkable time. The Guide talks about the stumps you’ll see rising from the water and how the fog comes off the water. Just amazing.

Go on an Ecotour

An Ecotour with Captain Charlene is never the same. I love what she says about how the days aren’t structured. She goes with the wind and her tours are about heading out and just seeing life. Now that sounds like paradise my friends.

Heading out to see a different beach every day

There are so many different beaches to see and each one offers a new adventure. From bike riding and horseback riding, to scalloping and paddle boarding – there is something for everyone.

As you can see, Gulf County is the ideal location for my family – who love the outdoors and a good adventure – as well as other families seeking the same kind of vacation time.

Weekly Contest

We’re coming down to the wire here, but Gulf County has been hosting weekly contest where each week 10 people can win a $50 gift card to have their own adventure in their local town. Enter below! It ends this Monday, so hurry!

Good luck!

Now tell me – what kinds of family vacations and adventures does your family like to go on?

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