8 of the Best Drugstore Mascara Brands for Lashes You’ll Absolutely Love


Inside: Are you looking for the best drugstore mascara brands for long, lush lashes you’ll absolutely love? Well, look no further. We’ve done our research for you.

best drugstore mascara brands

There is hardly a more satisfying feeling when doing your makeup than sweeping mascara on your lashes and watching them get instantly longer and gorgeous. Especially as we age and watch our lashes get thinner and thinner.

However, it’s hard to find that perfect length and formula without breaking the bank, right? Wrong.

There are plenty of drugstore mascaras out there that can get you those lashes without draining your bank account.

Here are 8 drugstore mascara brands for long, luscious lashes. 

8 Drugstore Mascara Brands for Long Lashes You’ll Love

This is one of the most popular and most used drugstore mascaras on the market and for good reason. It lengthens and adds volume all at the same time, AND it’s less than $6. What a steal! 

In the words of Maggie Mayhem from Whip It, “You can never have too much LashBlast.” This mascara has been a favorite for a while. Its best feature is the fullness and volume it adds, while also lengthening lashes a bit. If fullness is your issue, this mascara is for you.  

If your lashes are a little shorter than you’d like them to be, give this baby a try. It is excellent at lengthening your lashes, keeping them curled, and individually defining them, but not so much volumizing. Give this mascara a shot if long lashes are your first priority.  

I hadn’t heard of Essence until recently, but boy I wish I’d heard of them earlier! Their makeup is super affordable and works really well especially this Lash Princess mascara. It’s buildable and defines each lash wonderfully. Also, try their I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara for extra voluminous lashes. 

This mascara is a bit under the radar, but it shouldn’t be. It defines and lengthens like every mascara should, but it has an added bonus: an infused serum that aids in lash growth! Keeping your lashes looking great while helping them grow? Say no more.  

L’Oreal is the queen of mascaras, apparently. This fairly new one has a brush with over 200 bristles, and as a fun bonus, gorgeous rose gold packaging. It keeps your lashes long, flirty, and fluttery while also adding volume, of course. It even won a Best of Beauty Award from Allure in 2017.  

This smudge-proof, non-clumping mascara is under $6, but you’d never guess. It keeps eyes looking bright and awake, keeps the lashes curled, and doesn’t flake. It lengthens lashes from bottom to top and defines and lengthens each lash.  

I highly recommend this mascara for a night out on the town. This baby provides extra voluminous, dramatic lashes that are sure to turn heads. The infused lash fibers just add to the volume and drama, and you don’t have to put on coat after coat to get thick lashes. One coat is perfect for dramatic, flirty lashes.  

You’ll never have a shortage of great, well-priced mascaras ever again. You’re welcome. 

Coffee and Mascara, am I right?

All I need is coffee and mascara

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