8 Backyard Storage Tips


Is your porch, patio, or backyard looking less than tidy these days? In locations like upstate New York where the average yard size is massive at – 8,025 sqft – it can be really easy to lose track of organization. Spending the long summer days lounging in the sun, in a disorganized, cluttered backyard can make it tough to enjoy these days to their fullest, not to mention when it comes time for winter yard prep.

It doesn’t matter how much backyard space you have – any outdoor living area can be transformed into an organized, attractive lawn with minimal effort and expense. Regardless of whether you use your backyard for function, entertainment, or recreation, you’re sure to get some use out of these awesome backyard storage tips.

1. Hide your tools.

We get it. You need tools to make your lawn as gorgeous as possible. However, you don’t need to showcase those dirty tools to every visitor that stops by. Tidy up your lawn by hiding your hose in a hideaway swivel and just crank it whenever your plants need some water. Stash your tools, rake, hoe, spade, and all, on an easy PVC pipe organizer or store bought rack. This will also save you time next time you’re in search of one of these surprisingly easy-to-lose tools.

2. Create functionality zones.

Separate your outdoor living space into “stations” so that each area is neatly blocked off and doesn’t run into the other. For example, you can have a “garden area” for exercising your green thumb, a bar area, a seating area, and a grilling station. If you decorate and organize these areas in coordinating colors and neat designs, you’ll create a much more visually appealing space.  You’ll also make it easier to notice when things are out of place, so you’re more apt to tidy up after yourself.

3. Plant a vertical garden.

If you have limited backyard space, a full, sprawling vegetable garden can take up a lot of valuable space, and also make your lawn look cluttered. It can also attract unwanted pests. Instead, plant a vertical garden to make use of the space on the side of your house. You can fill these planters with herbs, veggies, flowers, or vines to help spruce up the appearance of your lawn while also saving space.

4. Create a focal point.

If you think about the organization of your indoor spaces, you likely have a single focal point per room. In the bedrooms, those points are likely your beds. In the living room, it’s probably your couch or mantle. You should do the same with your outdoor space. This allows you to visually hone in on one item as soon as you walk into your backyard, instead of focusing on lawn debris of clutter. Consider adding a fountain, piece of furniture, or other accent to create a point of interest in your garden.

5. Invest in double-duty furnishings.

Purchase outdoor furniture that can also stash your unsightly outdoor must-haves. For example, you might purchase a wicker bench that opens up to reveal storage space underneath, or tables with built-in drawers to conceal lighters, matches, insect repellant, or other necessities.

6. Shield your neighbors.

If you have parts of your space that you don’t want neighbors, or even your own visitors, to see (for example, an outdoor shower or changing area near a pool), hide them from sight with tall shrubs or short trees. When nicely manicured, this kind of vegetation adds interest, color, and texture to your lawn, and also keeps private areas out of sight.

7. Add a shed.

A shed actually adds value to your property, and can store all kinds of tools, including your lawnmower or other large power equipment. It gives you easy access to the equipment when you need it, but keeps it protected from the elements and out of sight when you don’t.

8. Utilize every space and surface.

Don’t waste precious wall space or other storage areas. Hang Command hooks to doors, siding, or other surfaces, so that you can hang lawn tools, grilling tongs, towels, or other equipment where it’s well out of the way. Hanging items, or even standing them upright, saves valuable floor space, and of course, less clutter on the ground means less chances for you to trip over.

While organizing your backyard space might seem like a daunting task, a little bit of forethought goes a long way in creating a functional, attractive oasis. Creating go-to areas for storing all of your needed outdoor equipment, tools, and toys not only shields you and visitors from the eyesore, but also helps increase the longevity of these items. Tidy your space so that you can really enjoy your backyard.

Will Kolb is an outdoor lifestyle and design writer for LawnStarter Lawn Care with a predilection for sleek, modern style. His biggest weakness is a unique degustation menu and he is passionate about making beautiful design feel more accessible to men.


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