6 DIY Coffee Beauty Products For Radiant Skin


Mama needs coffee to survive the day. It smells good beneath your nose, feels cosy in the mug between your hands, tastes delicious swirling in your mouth, and perks you up like nothing else! You already adore coffee, but do you know that it boasts amazing benefits in the beauty department?

For example, scientists have shown that caffeine can blast away cellulite. And coffee can increase hair growth. It’s also effective at reducing puffy eyes. Miracles, right?! Don’t go crazy drinking 8 cups of coffee today. However, you can take advantage of these coffee beauty benefits!

Coffee has drinkable antioxidants

When you hear the word “antioxidant,” you probably think about blueberries and free radicals and superfoods. But a morning cup of joe is filled with antioxidants too! Those powerful ingredients fight aging related to sunshine or pollution. Release the flavonoids (antioxidants) by brewing a cup of coffee every morning. Drink up!

To make: Brew a pot of your favorite coffee each morning and enjoy!

Coffee strengthens your hair

Those same antioxidants that fight aging skin also benefit your hair. Any hair mask or product that contains coffee will prevent hair breakage and make your locks shinier too. (Besides, who doesn’t want your hair to smell like java?)

To make: Make a paste with equal amounts of ground coffee, honey and olive oil until a paste forms. Apply as a hair mask for 30 minutes, then rinse off.

Coffee reduces under-eye puffiness

The caffeine in coffee (and other things such as green tea), are known to reduce the puffiness common under a Mama’s eyes. It restricts the blood flow, which reduces swelling. Say bye-bye to sleepy eyes with a morning cup of coffee and an evening coffee eye cream.

To make: Combine a small amount of ground coffee with almond oil, castor oil or coconut oil. Allow it to sit in a jar for one week. Strain out coffee and apply serum under eyes morning and night.

Coffee body scrub

Coffee grounds are like sugar or baking soda; they are a fine ground that is perfect as a homemade body scrub. They’re not too fine or too chunky, making them a mild exfoliant that won’t be too harsh on your skin. Remove dead skin and get a silky finish with coffee grounds. This is especially effective on freshly shaved legs!

To make: Mix fresh coffee grounds with water until a paste forms. Then gently massage over your body, concentrating on hands and feet or other dry spots.

Coffee removes cellulite

Yes, you read that correctly – coffee removes cellulite! Coffee helps your body shed excess water because it’s a diuretic. Removing those liquids draws fluid away from your fat cells, minimizing the appearance of cellulite. Essentially, coffee dehydrates your fat cells, shrinks their size, and makes you look like one hot Mama!

To make: Gently massage fresh coffee grounds over areas prone to cellulite (combine with a bit of water if necessary to create a paste); the results should last for about one week. Perfect treatment right before a trip to the beach!

Coffee calms inflamed skin

Although coffee is a stimulant, it can actually calm down skin that is red or inflamed. Remember how coffee’s antioxidants fight against premature aging of your skin? It’s those same components that help flushed skin or red spots return to normal. Keep drinking that coffee every morning Mama!

To make: Mix fresh coffee grounds with organic coconut oil and use as a gentle face scrub.

Coffee makes your skin radiant

Your morning cup of joe spikes your energy and keeps you going. It basically does the same thing for your skin. When you use coffee in a face mask, it boosts your blood flow. That leaves your face looking radiant, bright, and energetic. Exactly how a Mama wants to look!

To make: Combine fresh coffee grounds with coconut oil and apply as a mask for 10 minutes before rinsing off.

Keep lovin’ your coffee!

Now you have no excuse to skip out of your beloved drink! The health benefits of a moderate amount of coffee are fantastic, and so are the beauty benefits. Your coffee makes you a radiant Mama!

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