6 Creative Kids Table Ideas for Thanksgiving


6 Creative Kids Table Ideas for Thanksgiving

Do you remember how fun it was to be a little kid sitting at “the kids table” with no adults around you? Do you also remember how boring “the kids table” became when you were on the verge of being a teenager? 

Make your Thanksgiving kids table the epitome of childhood for toddlers to tweens. This year, add a few of this simple design elements to get the young ones excited about their table. You don’t have to break the budget or spend a bunch of extra time to make each child feel special. Bonus: if the kids are entertained at their own table, they are more likely to form strong bonds with the other children, and less likely to interrupt the adult conversation during dinner!

Creative Kids Table Idea #1 – Thanksgiving placemats for kids to color

from Ella Claire Inspired

For young children, what’s more inviting that a seat at a table, complete with a fun placemat to color and a jar exploding with the rainbow of crayons? Print off multiple copies of each placemat design so kids can select which one (or two) they want to color. 

The one with pumpkins is great for toddlers who are learning how to master coloring inside the lines. 

The turkey would be fun for elementary aged kids who often design pictures opposite of reality (such as a turkey with rainbow feathers). 

Lastly, the leaves printable is a nice option for older kids and tweens who want to make their page more detailed or realistic. 

Hint: be sure to stock your crayons/colored pencils/markers with multiple shades of green, orange, red, yellow, and brown to inspire the hues of Autumn!

Creative Kids Table Idea #2 – I am thankful for… placemats

from Mama. Papa. Bubba.

Another option is these “I am thankful for…” placemats. Young kids can still color in the leaves while older children can write in one thing they are thankful for. Big kids can even draw/write one thing they are thankful for inside of each leaf. 

If your Thanksgiving family tradition includes going around the table to share on thing you’re thankful for, this activity can help prepare the little ones with an answer. It also equips them to share what they are thankful for with everyone when it’s their turn (and dozens of eyes are on them!).

Creative Kids Table Idea #3 – Kids coloring tablecloth

from Andee Layne

If it’s too much trouble for you to print off individual placemats for every single child, consider purchasing a paper tablecloth that can be colored on!

  • This Spritz Thanksgiving coloring tablecloth from Target is only a few dollars.
  • Or add this one to your Amazon cart.
  • Pick one up from your local Michaels craft store.
  • Walmart also carries a Thanksgiving tablecloth that can be colored on!

The seasonal pumpkins, images of turkeys, and a plethora of leaves will help any child get into the spirit of Thanksgiving! Place a mini box of crayons at each table setting, or scatter jars along the center of the table filled with coloring utensils. 

Creative Kids Table Idea #4 – Thankful for… printable napkin ring 

from Fabulosity

Thanksgiving Day can be a bustle of activity! Preparing food, taking things out of the oven, putting things into the oven, greeting guests, munching on appetizers, etc. Don’t let the busy moments overshadow your appreciation for your guests.

When family and friends arrive, have a spot for them to place their coats and purses, an area for food, and the table set. Little ones will naturally browse the table to see where they will be seated.

Imagine the smile on the child’s face as they read, “I’m thankful for {insert your name here}” on a napkin ring! They will instantly be glad that you welcomed them into your home! Plus, a personalized napkin ring could be the ticket that helps kids learn each other’s names.

Creative Kids Table Idea #5 – Pear name card

from Country Living

If napkin rings aren’t your style, try name cards instead. Kids will be tickled with giggles when they noticed that you’ve tacked their name onto a pear. “A pear?” they will question with a goofy grin on their face. 

Although grown ups understand the idea behind pears as place card holders, children will find it unique and memorable.

You could also do the same concept with apples, oranges, or pinecones. It will make for a lovely tablescape – even on the kids table!

Creative Kids Table Idea #6 – Thanksgiving jokes and fun facts

from Teepee Girl

Children can be entertained with jokes for hours. Why not entertain them with fascinating Thanksgiving jokes! For the parents who prefer educational activities, intersperse the pile of jokes with fun facts about turkeys, the history of Thanksgiving, and holiday traditions.

From across the room at the adult table, you’ll hear roarous laughter erupting from those little mouths. And maybe, if you’re lucky, they will share the funny jokes with the grown ups too!

Be thankful for the kids

Having a home full of friends and family is a reason to pause in gratitude. A table of children squeezed together forming friendships and familial bonds that will last a lifetime is a beautiful sight. Arrange a kids table this year to do just that. That’s something to be thankful for!