5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy This Summer


    Ladies and gentlemen, we are finally nearing the land of warm temperatures, iced tea by the pool, and long, lazy days. That’s right; summertime will be here before we know it! Long gone (hopefully) are the cold winter days and layers upon layers of clothes. It’ll soon be time to fully embrace the summer season.

    While summer is fantastic, this also means that your skin is going through a whole new set of issues than it did in the wintertime. If not taken care of properly, skin can get oily, blemished, and red during the summer months, and no one wants that.

    So before you hit the beach, here are the five best ways to keep your skin looking healthy this summer. 

    5 ways to keep skin healthy this summer

    5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy This Summer

         1.  Sunscreen

    I actually cannot emphasize this one enough. Please, above all else, wear sunscreen. Everywhere, but especially on your face.

    The face is a sensitive area that’s almost always exposed to some sort of sunlight or other agents that can damage it. Stop the damage before it starts by putting on sunscreen that has at least SPF 30.

    There are several foundations with SPF built in, but it’s usually SPF 15. Ensure your skin is safe by applying that SPF 30 every day before you go outside and applying it every few hours.’ 

    1. Moisturizing 

    You wouldn’t think that moisture would be an issue for skin during the summer, right? Wrong. Skin can still get dry in the summer, even though we’re sweating quite a bit.

    For added benefits, try a facial lotion with aloe vera built in. This will help soothe your skin if you do happen to get a sunburn and make the healing process a little less painful. If you can’t find one, opt for a lighter moisturizer than your winter one. 

    1. Sleep 

    I know, I know. Summer isn’t normally the time to worry about getting enough sleep. To be totally honest, I don’t worry enough about sleep as it is. But with all the late nights that come with summer comes a serious lack of Zzz’s, and this can produce significant problems for the skin.

    Try your best to stick to a loose routine over the summer. Pick a bedtime and a wake-up time and try to stick to them. If you’re a few weeks in and you find that the hours you’ve chosen for sleep aren’t working, move them forward or backward, but try to keep the amount of sleep the same. 

    1. Exfoliation 

    Everyone wants that pretty summer glow, but without proper exfoliation, you can kiss that glow goodbye. 

    Moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated, but exfoliation keeps the dead skin away. Without that dead skin, you’re left with that glow. Try exfoliating twice a week to say goodbye to dead skin away and hello to the golden glow. 

    1. Exercise 

    It’s easy to get lazy with exercise during the summertime, but keeping up that exercise will continue to give your skin that glow.

    You don’t have to do CrossFit or some crazy Pilates class. Just try to get outside for a walk once a day and for the nighttime, try some light yoga stretches. This is just to keep your circulation going and making sure you’re moving. The more you move, the more you’ll see a difference in your skin. 

    May your skin be glowy and your summer be full of sunny days and good times! 

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    5 ways to keep skin healthy this summer

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