5 Quick and Easy Front Porch Halloween Decorations


By the time everyone in your family has a Halloween costume, you’re just ready for Halloween to arrive! Don’t forget to buy candy for the trick-or-treaters, and brighten up the season with festive front porch decorations.

But these homemade decor ideas won’t break the bank. In fact, you’ll only need a few supplies – most of which you will already have in your home:

  • Black trash bags
  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Black construction paper
  • An orange plastic pumpkin
  • A handful of toilet paper tubes
  • Glow sticks

That’s it! Snag your kids and take an hour to decorate your front porch together. You’ll have fun as a family and delight your neighbors!

Hang trash bag cobwebs on your front porch



giant spider webs made out of black garbage bags
from Fast Forward Fun

Remember cutting out Christmas snowflakes out of paper? These black spider webs are the exact same concept, except they’re made from black trash bags and in the shape of a spider web. 

Older kids will enjoy cutting out the design, while younger ones will joyfully help hang them around your porch. You can tie them to your columns or spindles with rope, floss, or thread, or you can tape them to your house. 

Vary the size of your cobwebs for an extra spooky look!

Mummify your front door

a front door wrapped in toilet paper to look like a mummy
from Thrifty Decor Chick

Not every home has a front porch, but everyone has a front door! Mummify your door by gently criss crossing it with toilet paper.

Are you going for a scary look? You can mummify your front door and add in a few loose bones. Drips of fake red blood could also give your trick-or-treaters a fright.

Want to be more inviting on Halloween? Make your mummy door more playful by adding goofy eyeballs.

Don’t forget to get your kiddos involved! You can’t go wrong by wrapping toilet paper around your door, so let them be as creative as they’d like! Don’t have enough toilet paper? White tissue paper (like for wrapping gifts) is an easy alternative.

Hint: You can’t actually squeeze the toilet paper roll through the slim side of your door near the hinges. Don’t take the door off the hinges (although that’s not a bad idea). Instead, tape the end of the toilet paper to side near the hinges, then wrap it all the way around the door. Rip the toilet paper at the hinges and tape down again. Repeat until your door is completely mummified!

Hang black paper bats from the ceiling

paper bats taped to a front door
from Between Naps On the Porch

What’s creepier than a ceiling full of bats? Nothing…unless they start to screech and fly at you! Thankfully, these black paper bats won’t screech or fly. (Beware: they may fall if the tape loosens, causing the same impact as bats soaring through the air!)

Outline a basic black bat shape onto black construction paper or poster board. Cut out dozens of them, and arrange them along your porch ceiling and down the wall. Get creative with the placement, acting like they are flying into your front door or window!

Place a plastic pumpkin over your front porch light

A plastic pumpkin placed over a front porch light
from The Shabby Creek Cottage

Slice a plastic pumpkin basket so that it perfectly fits over your front porch light. Now your trick-or-treaters will be greeted by a pumpkin face lantern before you open the door.

The classic orange pumpkin is child-friendly. Colored pumpkins in green or purple are silly and inviting to little kids. But creepy pumpkins with eerie faces (like the mask from Scream) would be a thrill for teens and adults. 

Toilet paper tube eyeballs in your bushes

Glow-in-the-dark Multi colored eyeballs, made by placing a glow stick inside of a toilet paper tube that has eye balls cut out of it
from Woo Home

This may be the most creative idea because it adds a subtle touch to your Halloween front porch decor. Add peeping eyeballs to your bushes or potted plants! Have your kids draw different kinds of eyeballs onto toilet paper tubes. Have a grown up cut out the eyes. 

Then have your kids crack a bunch of different glow sticks. Tape one inside of each tube to illuminate the eyeballs. 

Let your kids sneak the toilet paper tube eyeballs into your front bushes (especially along the path that trick-or-treaters will walk) and into the potted plants on your front porch. 

Entertain your trick-or-treaters with front porch delights!

Kids are after candy on Halloween night, but they will remember the extra scary houses or the homes that had a silly, goofy feel. Which theme will your front porch project on Halloween?

Will you hang playful cobwebs and bats mixed with friendly colored eyeballs? Or will you mummify your door with bones and blood, mixed with a scary mask over the front porch light and creepy cobwebs blocking the entryway?

Whichever feel you’re after, these Halloween front porch decor ideas are quick to make, easy to hang, and delightful to all of your trick-or-treaters!

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