5 Elements of the Perfect Bedtime Beauty Routine


Getting ready for bed doesn’t need to be a lengthy or difficult task. You should look forward to prepping for your beauty sleep! Because while your are dreaming, your body is relaxing, restoring, and rejuvenating itself for another day.

Before you snooze on the couch or fall asleep at your desk, do these 6 things to help you get the most out of your beauty rest

1 – Wash your face.

This may seem obvious, but it’s essential to wash your face before bed. This removes the makeup, dirt, oil, and dead skin that have accumulated on your face throughout the day. And there is a right way to wash your face. The best method involves a microfiber washcloth and a mild cleanser.

If you do accidentally fall asleep with your makeup on, you can restore your skin! The next morning, wash your face with a mild cleanser, then exfoliate, then use a mask, followed by a toner and face moisturizer. It seems like a lengthy routine, but it’s the best way to refresh your skin. But if you wash your face each night before bed, you can avoid this trouble!

2 – Use a moisturizer and/or serums.

Now that your face is clean, it’s ready to absorb the powerful ingredients of your moisturizer and serums. A moisturizer will plump up your skin cells with nourishment and moisture, because dry skin is an enemy of a radiant face.

Your serums could work on various areas. Many women use a serum to shrink pores on their cheeks or nose. Others work on brightening the dark skin under the eye (which is a common problem for Mamas). Some serums are targeted toward blotchy skin or age spots. Your exact treatment may vary depending on your needs, but this is the prime time in your evening beauty routine to apply moisturizers and serums.

Hint: Battling acne? Apply a small dab of lemon essential oil directly onto zits as a “serum” to naturally dry out acne. If you’re facing multiple breakouts, incorporate one drop of lemon essential oil into a dollop of lotion and apply all over your face to ward off unwanted bacteria.

3 – Lengthen your lashes.

Every woman dreams of gorgeous eyelashes that are lusciously full, incredibly long, and alluringly attractive. That dream is achievable with this secret: apply castor oil to your eyelashes before going to bed.

Dip a mascara wand (new and unused) or a q-tip into the castor oil, then evenly apply to your eyelashes as if it were mascara. Be careful to avoid contact with your eye. Be sure to use a high-quality organic castor oil that does not have any additives.

This eyelash regime will strengthen your eyelashes while also promoting growth. Skeptical that it actually works? Many women and doctors are too. At the end of the day, castor oil is full of vitamin E and fatty acids which will condition and strengthen your lashes, making them appear fuller and shinier.

4 – Put lotion on your hands and feet.

It’s time to transition your nighttime beauty routine from the bathroom to your bedroom. Put on your pajamas and crawl under the cozy covers of your bed. Now that you won’t be walking around you can moisturize your feet. And since you’re done working for the day, you can moisturize your hands.

Tip: always keep a bottle of body lotion on your nightstand.

Opt for a natural lotion that free of harsh chemicals. Can’t find a good lotion? Coconut oil is always a great choice! Gently rub and massage the lotion until it is absorbed by your skin. Now it can hydrate your skin while you sleep!

5 – Apply chapstick.

This is the last step before you turn off the light and say goodnight. You’ve moisturized your face and your hands and your feet to keep them nourished, so now you can do the same for your lips.

Find a honey based chapstick that will coat your lips with a thick layer to provide vitamins and hydration while also protecting your lips from the dry night air.

Goodnight to the day, Hello to beauty sleep!

5 easy steps and only a few minutes later, you’re ready for bed. Your face is cleansed your skin is prepped for a night of nourishment. You can fall asleep peacefully, knowing that your body is resting and rejuvenating itself for another day!