4 Trends in Skin Care for Gorgeous Skin


I’ve been receiving a lot of compliments on my skin over the past six months, which for me is HUGE. Why? Because I have always had skin issues from acne and rosacea, to uneven skin tones.

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A year ago, I would have never allowed a camera to get this close.

As I age, I’ve started to notice dark spots appearing as well. Oh what fun! But because of a few changes in my diet and adding some great products to my skin care routine, I am feeling more confident. And that my friends, feels great.

What skin care have I added to my routine? Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid (in the form of a Retinol Cream). Here are four trends in skin care for gorgeous skin.

4 Trends in Skin Care for Gorgeous Skin (Keep reading for the giveaway!)

Skin care companies are constantly vying to be the number one in innovative solutions. From natural to more scientific ingredients, the world of skin care is constantly evolving to provide newer, better and more effective care for a wide range of special needs.

Here are some of the best long-term skin care treatments that provide lasting skin renewal, care and rejuvenation.

Hyaluronic Acid

HY is a natural skin component, produced by the fibroblast skin cells. As you age, the skin produces less polymer hyaluronic acid. While this starts happening from the age of 18, the effects only really become visible from the later thirties or early forties.

Skin care scientists include HA in their products to help preserve or regain optimum hyaluronic acid levels needed to make the skin appear youthful and supple.

HA keeps in the moisture, aids tissue repair, provides cushioning and creates a barrier against damaging microorganisms. It is done by holding together elastin and collagen, the natural structural components of the skin.

There are many different applications for HA,  including topical products, and injectable fillers, which all serve a similar purpose.  HA is mainly used for fighting the effects of ageing, and wrinkles in particular.

Hyaluronic acid is longer-lasting than collagen injections, and it is considered very safe, with very few side effects of allergic reactions.

Vitamin C

The most popular nutrient, a quality vitamin C supplement can help prevent the signs of premature aging by helping your body to produce more collagen. Critical to all humans, the body does produce its own vitamin C, which is needed to grow and repair tissues. However, the body doesn’t store vitamin C, and therefore we need to consume the correct amount on a regular basis.

Due to commercial production, long-term storage and modern cooking processes, our food loses its vitamin C content, which necessitates supplementation.

Signs that you’re vitamin C deficient, includes split ends and dry hair, and dry, scaly, rough skin. You will probably look pale and you may develop liver spots on your skin. Apart from these symptoms that directly affect your appearance, there are other very real risks to vitamin C deficiency.

A daily dose of internal Vitamin C will boost your immune system, keeping you protected from viruses and infections, while a topical application will help your skin by protecting it from the effects of free radicals and sun exposure. Additionally, it will help your skin to produce collagen, an important ingredient that aids in supporting the tissue structures in your skin, keeping you looking young and supple.


Research has shown that L-arginine supplementation could enhance your body’s production of collagen and speed up healing. The skin is a fascinating organ that contains a complex network of glands and nerves. It works hard everyday to protect your internal organs from the elements, and over time, these external factors take their toll on the health of your skin.

As the years go by, your skin loses elasticity, and wrinkles and other issues start to appear. This is where L-arginine, a semi-essential amino acid comes in to help restore your skin’s elasticity.

While the body produces its own L-arginine, it produces less as you age. Therefore, supplementation becomes important. L-arginine can be used topically or internally to help prevent tissue deterioration and to help expedite wound healing.

Since there may be side effects to oral application of L-arginine, it is important to speak to your doctor, particularly if you have herpes, allergies or low blood pressure.

Coenzyme Q10

Co Q10 has taken the world by storm since it first came on the market. This coenzyme offers many benefits not only in terms of general health and nutrition on the inside, but also for the skin. Co Q10 produces ATP (biological energy) inside the cells and acts as a powerful antioxidant by neutralizing the free radicals that cause ageing.

The body produces its own CoQ10, however, stress, aging and medications all cause the body to produce less. When there is not enough CoQ10 to go around, the skin’s ability to withstand the elements declines, as does its ability to regenerate.

Skin that is depleted of CoQ10 is less able to fight free radical damage. As a result, CoQ10 can help to boost skin repair and regeneration. It is a tiny molecule which penetrates the skin cells easily.

CoQ10 is available in supplements and in topical skin creams that help increase the body’s ability to produce more elastin, collagen and various other essential skin molecules.

By keeping the levels of essential skin-strengthening molecules up, you can help fight the effects of ageing. 

Have you added any of these skin care trends to your regimen?



  1. I regularly suffer from adult acne which drives me crazy because I never had any issues with acne until my late 20’s.

  2. My biggest complaints are the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and the age spots that have begun to appear on my face.


  3. I guess my main skin complaint would be that even now in my thirties i still get break outs, and of course my oily but yet combination super dry skin lol.

  4. My biggest complaint is acne, followed by dark circles. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  5. My biggest problem is dry but also partly oily skin and naturally the fine ole wrinkels.

  6. I have dark circles under my eyes that I hate.
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