31 Days to a More Fabulous You: Take Time for You (Day 5)


*31 Days to a More Fabulous You is a series in January covering ways to help make you a healthier, more joy-filled, happier, relaxed, fun version of YOU. Read what you can expect from the series on Day 1.

31 Days to a More Fabulous You Day 5

I wasn’t planning on writing this one until the end of the 31 series, but it felt right to share it with you today. Why? Because I’m a day behind on my 31 days series (I’ll catch up by doing two in one day) and that’s because I took time for myself yesterday. And it felt great! Sometimes we need an hour, a few hours or an entire day just to step back and take some time for ourselves and after spending 2 weeks of Holiday break surrounded by my kids and other people, I just felt the need for a personal day. Can you relate?

I think too many times we as women see taking time for ourselves as selfish. I know I used too. “You took an entire day and spent it with your girlfriends at the spa? Lucky you. Must be nice. I just don’t have time for that.” That’s what I used to say and think and feel and believe. Like playing the martyr who has no time for herself, but only for others, was looked at in high regard.

I know we’re all familiar with the airplane oxygen mask example. The one that says to put your oxygen mask on before your kids or those sitting next to you who need assistance. Because we can’t help others, we can’t serve others, we can’t be there for others as much as they need us too if we don’t take care of ourselves first. And taking care of yourself, taking time for yourself, focusing on you…is a good thing.

What are some things that rejuvenate you? Some things that make you feel ready to tackle on the world? Here are a few ideas:

  • Take a really long bath (I did this the other day and watched a movie on my Kindle while soaking. Amazing and highly recommended.)
  • Start a book series and get lost in it
  • Go see a movie…maybe all by yourself
  • Watch Friends on Netflix or any TV series that helps you to laugh and decompress
  • Take a nap
  • Work on a craft project
  • Get a massage, a facial or your eyebrows done
  • Take yourself out to your favorite restaurant (Get it to-go if you feel weird sitting by yourself.)
  • Put your earbuds in and listen to your favorite songs (Dance if you’d like!)
  • Journal

What would you add to this list? 

I hope you get some time to focus on you this week. If you’re feeling off, like something just isn’t quite right, tired, depressed and you’re snapping at everyone around you – that might be your mind, body and soul telling you to take some me time. Do it, feel good about it and then do it again sometime soon.

Stay tuned for Day 6 of 31 Days to a More Fabulous You….