3 Breastfeeding Must Haves For New Moms


There are plenty of parts to being a new mom that you know are coming, but that you might not know exactly how they’re coming. Breastfeeding can be one of these things.
Breastfeeding is very common, lots of moms do it, you’ve seen it happen just about everywhere—surely, it’s natural and easy to get the hang of, right? Well, it can be, but it can also be tough for some people, and that’s okay too! If the process goes smoothly from the get-go, that’s fantastic! If it doesn’t, though, there’s no need to worry. There are plenty of products ready to help you have the best possible experience breastfeeding. Here are some of our favorite breastfeeding must haves.

Nursing Bra

You certainly don’t need to change up your wardrobe to be more “mom-appropriate,” whatever that means. There are some changes that might make the process more comfortable and practical, however. Nursing bras are an example.

Wire and latched bras can be uncomfortable to wear all day as is. Factor in that you’ll have to be taking them off to breastfeed, it’s more than a hassle! Nursing bras are much more comfortable and let you unclip individual cups, so you don’t have to completely take off your bra every time.

Nipple Cream

Nobody said that breastfeeding was easy work, and for a lot of moms, sore, dry, cracked nipples are proof that it can be tough!

Your body works hard to keep your baby healthy, and sometimes it needs a little bit of help. Especially if your baby has trouble latching on at first, nipple cream can work miracles to help soothe irritated nipples while also being safe for the baby.

Breast Pump

Being a busy mom is okay—in fact, it’s great! That doesn’t mean that it can’t get complicated from time to time, however. One of the complications that might come up when being a busy new mom is that you aren’t always going to be around or have time to breastfeed. Don’t feel guilty! This is natural and perfectly okay, and a little bit of planning will make it a non-issue altogether.

Breast pumps are great exactly for this reason. If you have bottles ready to go, you don’t have to be around or unoccupied in order to make sure your baby gets fed. As long as someone is around and able, you and your baby are good to go.

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