Thoughtful and Original Mother’s Day Gifting Ideas for Moms to Be


Mother's Day Gifts for Moms To Be

Searching for the perfect mother-to-be gifts? Whether you’re an adoring husband, devoted mother (soon to be grandmother!), joyful best friend, or anyone special in the mum-to-be’s life, a gift can spark extra joy and encouragement for the expecting mom.

Choose something personal and thoughtful. Although chocolate and flowers are staple options, what Mother’s Day gift for the mom-to-be would enhance her excitement about motherhood? What present is she secretly hoping to receive, or what items would be essential in her day-to-day life as a Mama?

Here is a comprehensive list of suggestions, beyond the traditional gifts. Remember, a Mother’s Day gift for a mother-to-be should exclaim her personality! Imagine your Mama-to-be enjoying your present!


Most women love jewelry, especially pieces that make a statement or represent something special her – like her children! A mother-to-be understands that her life is about to change, her purpose will expand, and her love will reach new depths. Join in the joy of a new mom entering motherhood with a thoughtful piece of jewelry.

Tip: Is the jewelry you have your eye on too expensive? Join with other family members, friends, or co-workers to purchase this gift!

  • Jewelry of the baby’s birthstone. Things Remembered has an extensive collection of customizable necklaces, bracelets and rings. Insert the baby’s birthstone for a gift that is sure to be cherished by the expecting mother on her first Mother’s Day and beyond!
  • Mama ring. This is exactly what the trendy Mama-to-be is hoping for – a Mama ring!

Health, Wellness and Beauty

Growing, carrying, birthing, feeding, and raising a baby takes a toll on your body. Remind your friend the important value of self-care. A great Mother’s Day gift for the mother-to-be is products that will pamper her!

  • Massage. Book her a massage at a local business. You can either purchase a pre- or post-natal massage. Want to really pamper the expectant mother? Buy her a subscription or a package deal!
  • Manicure. Does your friend enjoy manicures or pedicures? Find an all natural or organic spa nearby that paints nails with chemical-free and baby-friendly polish. Bonus: Suggest that the mother-to-be has her toes painted in a salon when she can no longer see her feet!
  • Body products. Which products did you adore while pregnant? What beauty products were essential to your survival as a new mom? Mama-approved and recommended body products are a gift that keeps on giving. Jane Iredale and The Honest Company are top choices. Hint: When the expecting mother just wants to soak in the tub, bath bombs would be a welcome gift!

Food and Drink

Everyone knows that pregnant women either can’t keep food down, or can’t take enough in! Growing that baby requires plenty of calories and an abundance of water. Help out the expectant mother with food and drink gifts that will help during pregnancy and once she is a full-time mother.

  • How adorable is this “Mommy est. 2019” mug? For your girls who enjoy coffee and tea, this is a must-have item! Why not purchase a package of her favorite coffee or discover new flavors of tea and make it a gift basket.
  • “Mommy’s sippy cup” tumbler. Once baby is born, Mama will be on duty 24/7, which means her hot morning drink will be forgotten for a few hours…and then it’s cold. This tumbler is a life saver for mom’s who live on caffeine.
  • You know what else that tumbler is good for? Wine! If your mum-to-be friend can’t wait to have a glass of her favorite wine, pair the tumbler with a personalized bottle of wine. Yes, you can customize a label to give her hope for the future!
  • What foods would the mother-to-be want as a Mother’s Day gift? Perhaps it’s a jar of pickles, spicy hot cheetos, non alcoholic beer, or an abundance of potato chips. You may feel silly for give those snacks as a gift, but don’t worry; this may be the best gift she receives on Mother’s Day!
  • Gift cards. Gift cards for her favorite restaurants or cafes are an excellent option. Some people shy away from gift cards, but you don’t have to. Mums-to-be are hungry at most hours of the day, and sometimes consume more than the average three meals per day. Get creative and set aside certain gift cards for special occasions. Attach these labels to the gift cards:
    • For your first date night as Mom and Dad.
    • For a midnight ice cream run when the baby sleeps during the day and is wide awake at night.
    • For your birthday dinner. Babysitting provided by me!
    • For you anniversary dinner. We will babysit for free!
    • For our first coffee date. (babies welcome!)
    • For take-out food because you’re too tired to cook.
    • For food delivery when it’s only noon and it’s been a loooong day.
    • Because…coffee.


Many mothers-to-be romanticize rocking in a chair and reading books with her baby snuggled in her lap. Help your friend cherish those memories with a sentimental children’s book as a Mother’s Day gift!


Although life is about to get extra exciting and the calendar will fill up, a good mother-to-be gift could be entertainment. Think of television shows, concert tickets, family activities, or vacations.

  • What’s her favorite television show? Purchase a box set of the series and label it with a note that reads, “Do not watch until labor begins…you’ll thank me for the distraction!” This can be hours of viewing entertainment for labor, recovery and nursing sessions.
  • Airbnb gift cards would be an outstanding mother-to-be gift. She could take a mini family getaway as a crew of 3, or a girls weekend when the baby is older, or perhaps a romantic getaway with her husband a few months down the road. Travel gift cards give the Mama hope for the next season as a growing family!
  • Let’s face it: kids are entertaining! The My Quotable Kid will help the expectant parents cherish and remember all of the hilarious things that come out of their kid’s mouths. P.S. This is a prime opportunity to remind them, “Hey, you created that child!”

Happy Mother’s Day to the Mom-to-be!

Mother’s day is right around the corner. Surprise the expectant mother with something special, original, thoughtful, and sentimental. Consider what would bring a smile to her face, help her anticipate the arrival of her child, or encourage her towards motherhood.

What was your favorite gift as a mother-to-be? Do you have additional suggestions for our list? Share in the comments below!

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