How to Complete Your Ultimate Goal In Three Simple Steps!


Are you not even sure what your ultimate goal is? That’s fine, most of us don’t know exactly either,  but we have an idea or two. It is a self-care project that you must manage and take the appropriate steps to complete. My tip is to start your journey by figuring out what your ultimate goal is. Why do this? It is important because that is what you think about most, right? Your end all be all goal. Sure, you can start small with your goals and then dream bigger. That’s what most people do, however, you’ll be constantly thinking about the end result and that may make you anxious. These three easy steps can help you lessen that anxiety and keep you on task:

Step One:

If you don’t know what your ultimate goal is, your first step is to figure out what makes you fulfilled. Not what makes you happy because happiness is fleeting. However, fulfillment is the embodiment of your overall spirit due to being happy with your life and self. This includes work, health, relationships and parenthood, etc. Fulfillment is what keeps you going, what keeps you positive and grounded. If you still don’t know what makes you fulfilled, see step two for a little more help!

Step Two:

Ask yourself one simple question – if you had all the money and time in the world, what would you be doing? And then, what would you do to make sure your fulfillment in life is at its highest level? Let’s be honest, as parents, we need to be filled up in order to be the best for our kids. Pretend you have three straight days with no interruptions- what would you do in order to make this happen? Now, I know you most likely do not have this time. However, in the next step, we have ideas on how to break it down in order to create smaller sections of time to accomplish this.

Step three:

I know that you are busy but you need to give yourself at least an hour a day to focus on your goal. Give yourself more than one hour if you have the time. A good tip is to section it in blocks of time. If you have a break at work, write your goals in a journal. Watching tv with the kids? Keep your journal next to you to jot down ideas. We all know that as moms we can’t focus on one thing anyway so why not write down your thoughts? Here is a great timeline to help you make sure you achieve your ultimate goal! Simply, place your goal into the first row and create your timeframe to complete that by total, weekly and daily hours to keep you in check.

Ultimate Goal (Example) Total Timeline Weekly Timeline Daily Timeline
Create Website 3 months=2160 hours 12 weeks= 180 hours 90 days=2 hours


A journal is best to write in because it shows your children that you are being creative and not just “playing” on your phone. Be a good role model and show them your doodles, your notes and tell them they can also make a creative and fun journal for themselves! Next, take the time to write all of your detailed entries. When, Where, Why and How’s. This is the fun part! Keep the ideas flowing and fill in the blanks. Make sure you keep the outline of your three steps so you can look at it and refresh your ideas as you go along. Good luck!

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