DIY All Natural Peppermint Poopourri


Nothing is worse than walking into a smelly bathroom. Well, I suppose it is worse to be the one who smelled up the bathroom in the first place!

Being embarrassed over a smelly bathroom is common over the holidays. Family is all together in one house (large or small). Everyone is sharing spaces and holiday treats, watching movies and singing along to Christmas music. But sharing bathrooms is tricky.

I usually get ready while my husband is in the shower. Sometimes I end up sharing the sink while brushing teeth next to my little nieces. Other times my sister-in-law and I share the mirror as we put on our makeup. And many many many times I wait in line for a toilet. There are only 2 toilets and 13 people staying in one house…plus extended family who comes for the day, bringing the head count to 15-20.

Can you relate to a house full of family? It’s a blast and it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without a packed house. But still, there is the toilet issue. Thus, the need for Poopourri!

Why you should use DIY Peppermint Poopourri.

  1. Obviously you should use it because it masks the smell you poo. (In case your mother didn’t tell you, your poo doesn’t smell like roses.)
  2. There is no embarrassment when you walk out of the bathroom and another person is waiting in line. There is also no need to say, “Sorry…hold your breath!”
  3. Because your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness at sparing them the above mentioned embarrassment.
  4. No terrible odors will seep out of the bathroom and into your living spaces.

How to use the DIY Peppermint Poopourri.

  1. Spray 5(ish) times into the toilet bowl.
  2. Do your business.
  3. Flush.
  4. Leave without unpleasant odors following you out of the bathroom.

Why the DIY Peppermint Poopourri works.

Are you ready for a mini science lesson? Here we go!

Oil and water don’t mix. I bet you learned that lesson a long time ago! Which is why you first mix the alcohol, witch hazel, castile soap and essential oils together. By doing this first, you fully incorporate the essential oils into this mixture. Now that the oils are combined with other ingredients, it can better mix with the water to create a balanced Poopourri.

Alcohol is less dense than water, therefore alcohol floats on top of water. By using alcohol in your DIY Peppermint Poopourri, this mixture floats on top of the toilet water (trapping the bad smells below the peppermint aromas).

If you spray before you poo, the DIY Peppermint Poopourri sits on top of the toilet water. You do your business, where certain things enter the water and sink below the poopourri. The stinky things are now trapped beneath the peppermint smell. Flush and sniff the fresh air (literally).

Why you should make the DIY Peppermint Poopourri.

  1. It smells good! (Much better than your poo.)
  2. It takes 2 minutes to create a bottle that should last you for months.
  3. It’s all natural! These ingredients are not full of harsh chemicals that will harm your family. Of course you shouldn’t encourage your kids to spray this in each other’s faces, or allow your baby to suck on the spout. But even if that does happen (kids will be kids) it’s not going to end in a panicky call to Poison Control or rushing to the ER.
  4. You can train you family to use it, which means your house will smell fresher.
  5. You won’t have to worry about lighting a candle in the bathroom before guests come. Simply spritz the poopourri into the toilet.
  6. BONUS: Certain essential oils have antibacterial properties. If you happen to use these in you poopourri, you will also be cleaning the toilet while using the toilet. That’s an odd oxymoron but a fantastic bonus!

DIY Peppermint Poopourri

This spray bottle is full of peppermint magic! Simply spray this potion 5 times in the toilet bowl before you poo to eliminate odors.


1 4-6 oz spray bottle

1 tsp rubbing alcohol

1 tsp witch hazel

1 tsp castile soap

30-40 drops of peppermint essential oil

4 oz water


  1. Add all ingredients except for the water to spray bottle. Shake well.
  2. Add the water to the spray bottle. Shake well to combine.
  3. Place the spray bottle on the top of your toilet with a label to inform your bathroom visitors of it’s magical capabilities.

Recipe Notes: Experiment with different essential oil scents! Citrus and basil. Fir and lemon. Lavender and Rosemary. Start with 20 drops of oil and adjust as necessary, since different oils have different potencies.


P.S. This makes a funny and practical Christmas gift!

Does Uncle Ralph need poopourri? Would your sister be so grateful if her husband received this gift? Do you have that one family member who constantly passes gas at family gatherings? Then surprise them with DIY Peppermint Poopourri as a Christmas gift this year! Don’t hesitate to bring this as a host/hostess gift for the family housing everyone this year.