How To Pick Your 2020 Word For The Year + 100 Suggested Words


Yes, it’s already January. But it’s not too late to select a word for the year! This word will be a guiding light, a centering reminder, a hopeful goal that you set for your heart, mind, and actions this year.

Why pick a word for the year?

Great question! The answer is…why not? Why not spare a few minutes to discover a word that ignites you with passion as you dream about the possibilities of 2020? Why not remind yourself daily of that spirited devotion and abounding joy related to your word? Why not provide yourself with a word that will help you better reflect over 2020 once it’s over?

How to pick a word for the year

    1. Reflect over last year. List a few highs and lows. Jot down proud accomplishments. Make a note of shameful, regretful, or sad moments. Do you like your reflections of the last year? What do you want to say at the end of 2020?
    2. Consider what 2020 could hold for you and your family. Will you be moving? Adding another child to your family? Transition to/from home school or public school? Changing jobs? Establishing new routines and structures? 
    3. Slow down and dream. Imagine endless possibilities for 2020. Think about family experiences, vacations and travels, purchases or new items, lifestyle changes. Dream about goals, habits, joy, memories. Ask your family about their dreams for 2020. Maybe one of their ideas will spark your own.
    4. Ask yourself: What do I wish I had more or less of in 2020? What goals do I want to work on? What would I like to change about my inner thoughts, heart emotions, or outward actions?
    5. List words. Based on the above question, list whatever words come to mind. This is a brainstorming activity, not a final pick, so write anything that comes to mind.
    6. Look up definitions and narrow down your list. You may think you know what that word means, but a dictionary definition will expand the definition and help you apply that word to multiple areas of your life.
    7. Pick your word. There is no right or wrong word. There are no words that are better or worse. You pick the word that most fits with your year desires for 2020!

100 Suggested Words

Need help picking out a word? Browse this list for inspiration!

  1. Abide
  2. Accept
  3. Aspire
  4. Breathe 
  5. Be 
  6. Believe 
  7. Create
  8. Cultivate
  9. Cast
  10. Collaborate
  11. Care
  12. Calm
  13. Celebrate
  14. Desire
  15. Dream
  16. Do
  17. Energy
  18. Efficient
  19. Empathy 
  20. Enough
  21. Fire
  22. Frugal
  23. Friend
  24. Faith
  25. Family
  26. Flourish 
  27. Fearless
  28. Grace
  29. Generous
  30. Guide
  31. Grow
  32. Help
  33. Heart
  34. Hold
  35. Harmony
  36. Intimate
  37. Initiate
  38. Ignite
  39. Interest
  40. Intentional
  41. Joy
  42. Keep
  43. Love
  44. Lovely 
  45. Live
  46. Loyal
  47. Less
  48. Me
  49. Make
  50. Model
  51. Most
  52. Moment
  53. Memory
  54. Nice
  55. Noble
  56. New
  57. Open
  58. Optimistic
  59. Organize 
  60. Order
  61. Patient
  62. Present
  63. Pure
  64. Pause
  65. Praise 
  66. Passion
  67. Ponder 
  68. Positive
  69. Quiet
  70. Quality
  71. Rest
  72. Rejoice
  73. Respect
  74. Reflect
  75. Stand
  76. Sabbath
  77. Strong
  78. Sure 
  79. Slow
  80. Special 
  81. True
  82. Trust
  83. Teach
  84. Try
  85. Tether
  86. Today
  87. Understand
  88. Unearth
  89. Up
  90. Vibrant
  91. Vertical
  92. Velocity
  93. Vulnerable
  94. Walk
  95. Wisdom
  96. Wait
  97. Worth
  98. Whole
  99. Yes
  100. Zeal 

How to live according to your word in 2020

Now that you have a word, what do you do with it? Remind yourself of it every single day! That word signals your dreams, your action steps, and your hopes for 2020.

  • Put your word on a piece of artwork. Paint it yourself or purchase something with your word in the design.
  • Drink your morning coffee or tea from a mug with your word on it. That will be a daily reminder each and every morning.
  • Eat breakfast on a plate with your word on it. Paint your own plate at a pottery room.
  • Find a pretty piece of jewelry with your word on it, such as a necklace or a bracelet charm
  • Buy a keychain with that word on it. Every time you start your car you can be reminded to take forward progress toward your goal, just like how your car takes you to your destination.
  • Set that word as your phone background. Screenshot an image online that you like, or design your own word background using Canva. How many times per day will you notice that word on your screen?
  • Write it on your mirror using a dry erase marker or lipstick.

2020 is here. What’s your word of the year?

Have you picked your word of the year yet? How can you be intentional to remind yourself of that word daily? What do you hope is true at the end of 2020?

Share your words in the comment below so we can inspire and encourage our MomFabulous community!

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