5 Wellness Trends We Expect To See In 2020


In case you haven’t heard, 2020 is the year for clarity, vision, hindsight, action, change, etc. 

  • The climate is consistently on the verge of extremes, so people desire to spend their free time in nature. 
  • Knowledge is ever-expanding, so listeners tune in to more podcasts and videos as they multitask their way through life. 
  • Technology is more wearable and user-friendly than ever before.
  • Food research perpetually debates what is healthy and what is not, so people stick with the basics of fruits and vegetables.

All the while, everyday Mamas are trying to thrive (or survive) and live 2020 full of hope, expectation, and joy. Mama, do you want to start this new year off with a healthy dose of wellness? Then hop on the bandwagon with these 5 wellness trends of 2020.

Trend #1: Get outside in nature

Busy schedules and calendars overflowing with commitments have driven people to a new level of stress. As we all know, coping with stress is tough. But there’s one thing that naturally delivers serenity: nature.

A walk through the park, hiking through the woods, a drive to the mountains, swimming in the sea. Getting outside resets our stress and reboots our body. No wonder it’s the top trend we expect to see this year!

But, true to our nature, we expect to see people doing more than just being outside. We think nature will be combined with other life activities. For example, a business meeting at a cafe in the mountains instead of a windowless cubicle. Or exercising in the local park instead of at a gym. Or meeting your friends for a walk through the woods instead of sitting in Starbucks.

Mama, we’re hopeful for this trend! Grab your little ones and head outside for a play date. Pack up lunch for a picnic in the park. Drive to the mountains instead of the mall. 

Trend #2: Workout from home

Digital nomads and location-independent lifestyles are on the rise, thanks to internationally connected technology. People no longer have to rush to the gym early in the morning before taking the kids to school and making it to the office. You now can squeeze in a workout from home.

But long gone are the days of workout VHS tapes. Home exercise has upped its game. There are apps and devices and equipment that can make your closet feel like a luxurious gym. Try one of these out:

  • The TIU app offers free daily workouts and the ability to join live classes
  • The Peloton bike and subscription service lets you watch a bike class on the screen as you pedal.
  • Try Mirror, which is a video screen of personalized workouts in the slim design of a sleek mirror. 
  • Track your nutrition and metabolism by breathing into Lumen.
  • Tonal, the smartest home gym, hangs on your wall with a digital screen and two workout bars.

Trend #3: Wear your fitness technology 

Speaking of working out from home using technological equipment, you’ll also notice the rising trend of wearable technology in 2020. These gadgets provide you with endless knowledge about your active habits. (And we’re a culture constantly hungry for more knowledge!) But knowledge is useless if it’s not accompanied by action. 

Do the 2020 wearable fitness technology accessories monitor your fitness and provide actionable next steps based on your data? Yep!

  • Spire monitors your breathing and helps you calm down before your body tenses up.
  • Improve your posture with Upright, which vibrates when you start to slouch.
  • Shoe implants that generate power while you walk. Once your phone battery starts dying, you can start walking to recharge it.
  • Smart watches will continue to be popular, and we expect the features to be enhanced with fresh updates and new additions this year. 

Trend #4: Recovery is key

Exercise is a common New Year’s Resolution. Recovery, like stretching and meditation, will top to-do fitness lists this year too. 

Stretching is a basic element of any workout, although most people avoid it. 2020 will provide clarity about how healthy this habit can be.

  • Touching your toes, hugging yourself, and flexing your muscles are great stretches.
  • Vibration massagers, like this one by Hyperice, can ease sore muscles and speed up recovery time.
  • Air compression leg massagers may also grow in popularity too.
  • Why not book yourself a massage or physical therapy appointment? Increased fitness trends correlate that these fields could boom in 2020, making it tough to get a near-term appointment.

Trend #5: Plant-based diet

2019 was stuffed with plant-based foods like the Impossible Burger. This fad will linger through 2020, partially because companies are producing more plant-based foods, and partially because untrusting consumers believe that plants are a healthy choice in the midst of an unhealthy food market.

Paleo and vegan diet trends will probably rise this year. Junk food companies will try to counteract this health food movement. And people will continue to eat vegetables.

Which fitness trends will you follow in 2020?

What does 2020 hold for you? Will you exercise from home with tech-savvy equipment? Will you modify your diet to include more vegetables and plants? Will you get outside more often with your family?

What wellness trends do you expect to observe in 2020?

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