How to Dress for the Winter to Spring Transition with Layers – Part 1


One  of the most frustrating times of the year when it comes to fashion is this current Winter/Spring transition we are in. In the state of Texas where I live, there are days where I swear we have four seasons pop up in one week or even one day. Two days ago I was in a maxi dress and sandals, soaking up the sun and loving every single minute of it.

How to Dress for the Winter to Spring Transition with Layers

As I currently look out my window from  my office our roads, cars, trees and houses are covered in a sheet of ice and my three children are blissfully sleeping late due to a 2-hour school delay. Crazy making right?

So how is a girl to dress? Layers, layers, layers. I personally love dressing in layers and this is something you can get so creative with. I never get bored coming up with different combinations when it comes to what I can layer with what, as well as pattern and color combinations. It’s fun! Make it a game and don’t let Mother Nature drag you down. 

Amazon Fashion featured these two outfit ideas and lightweight jackets, which you can wear over sweaters when the weather is cold and later over tanks as the days are warm, but the nights cool.

Wearing Layers for Spring 01Wearing Layers for Spring 02

You can shop these lightweight jackets here.

You have several things going for you when you take a look at these outfits and transitioning them to both colder and warmer days, but leaving on that lightweight jacket. Let’s break them down:

Colder Days:

Warmer Days:

  • Keep the flats or wear a pair of sandals
  • Swap the button up/striped tee for a tank

As you can see, you have tons of choices when it comes to layering a simple lightweight jacket. Are you ready for more layering tips for the winter/spring transition? Perfect. Stay tuned! If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments or email me at