3 Simple Ways to Take Control of Your Health & Wellness Today


I think now more than ever, an overwhelming majority of us are really focusing on our health and wellness. We want to feel better, look better and get the most out of this life we’re given. My health and what I put into my body is definitely on the top of my mind most days. It’s easier than ever to eat healthier, to make sure you’re putting good things in your body, and to find a community of like-minded individuals to team up with.

Healthy Lifestyle tips for women

If you’re wanting to get started on the path to health and wellness, I wanted to share three simple and effective ways to do so.

3 Simple Ways to Take Control of Your Health & Wellness Today

Get fit from the comfort of your own home

Young beautiful woman during fitness time and exercising

Back in July, I shared how you could get a quality workout in without having to leave your home. I had the chance to chat with Rachele, the owner of VFit Studio, a virtual fitness studio for everyone. You can read a very in depth post about the program here.

There’s so much to love about a resource like this:

  • You can get a workout in at home, on the road from your hotel room while on a business trip or while traveling for fun
  • There’s a built-in community, which helps with accountability and motivation
  • You get a free week to test it out
  • There are classes for every level
  • You receive a fantastic workout in only 30 minutes

When I asked Rachele who would benefit the most from VFit Studio, she said “Anyone who is busy and would like to make their health a priority. Because our classes are only 30 minutes and come to you, everyone wins with our platform. The classes are jam packed and people can’t believe what a great workout they get in just 30 minutes. There is so much diversity in the formats we offer, you will never get bored.

Sign up today for your free week and be on the road to a fitter and better version of you!

Take vitamins customized for you (and delivered to your door!)

I was introduced to vitafive awhile back and am just now getting  around to telling you about this great company. I have struggled for years with finding the right vitamins for me.

During my pregnancy days, each doctor would try to put me on pre-natal vitamins and I would tell each doctor my body couldn’t handle them. I’ve tried prescribed vitamins, over the counter vitamins and continued to have issues finding ones that worked for me. I have always struggled with taking pills, so a large vitamin going down my throat has never been good. But most of the chewable or gummy vitamins I found were just for kids.

Until now….Here’s how vitafive works:

I’ve been taking the beauty pack and I love the taste, the ease and there’s something very rewarding about opening that little pack with my name on it. The beauty pack contains 2 Biotin, 1 Vitamin C, and 1 Omega-3 to strengthen your hair, skin, and nails while reducing cellular signs of aging.

vitafive is perfect for busy moms who need to get out the door fast and often forget to take their vitamins. You can keep a few packs in your purse or at work and always have them available to take every day. Plus, since they are mailed to you every four weeks, you don’t have to remember to pick them up from the store.

Like their slogan says, it’s “Health without the hassle.

Go here to build your own pack or select from one of their pre-formulated packs.

Use an app to remind yourself to drink more water

Drink more water

Without a doubt, if I have a bad headache, feel tired, feel hungry all the time and find myself reaching for unhealthy snacks, I can point it back to not drinking enough water. I know what I feel like hydrated and what I feel like when I’m not.

The bottom line is: most of us don’t drink enough water.

I remember reading this article back in  2013 about a woman who did an experiment. She drank 3 liters of water a day for a month and says it took 10 years off. Obviously, that peaked my interest! She started the experiment because of poor digestion and constant headaches, and after her neurologist recommended she drink more water. The results she had were very surprising to her.

Now, three liters is a lot of water and this is definitely something that should be discussed with your doctor first. But, reading that article encouraged me to at least start being more mindful about drinking water.

Since my phone is usually around me most of the time, an app to help remind me to drink water makes perfect sense. I’ve been using Waterlogged, which is a free app for iPhone users. There are a lot of water app choices out there, so you have plenty to pick from!

Are you a mindful water drinker? If so, let me know how you remind yourself to drink up!

Healthy Lifestyle tips for women

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