Get the Look: Jennifer Lopez’s Gorgeous American Idol Accessories


Have you been tuning into American Idol? I’ve been bouncing back and forth between AI and the 2014 Sochi Olympics. I like how American Idol has mixed things up a bit with this crazy thing called Rush week. Do you? It’s quite exciting!

Jennifer Lopez American Idol get the look 01

What I also like is to see what Jennifer Lopez is wearing and how she does her hair. The other night she was all blinged out from her earrings to her giant rings. Did you notice? I sure did! I’m sure her accessories were in the thousands of dollars range and if they caught your eye and you thought “I would love to recreate that look”, well you can.

Jennifer Lopez American Idol get the look 02

Accessory site, Designs by Millo, carries almost identical items to J. Lo’s so you can Get The Look! Here are a few of the pieces you’ll find on the site.

Dannijo Blanca Earrings

Dannijo Blanca Earrings, $445

Lisa Freede Wing Ring

Lisa Freede Wing Ring, $95

Vita Fede Omega Ring

Vita Fede Omega Ring, $188

Kismet by Milka Black Diamond Quilted

Kismet by Milka Black Diamond Quilted, $1,875

Jennifer Zeuner Symona Ring

Jennifer Zeuner Symona Ring, $440

Vita Fede Futturo Ring in Silver

Vita Fede Futturo Ring in Silver, $265

Alexmika Twirl Ring

Alexmika Twirl Ring, $280

That Wing Ring has my name written all over it. See more beautiful accessories at Designs By Millo.


  1. I’ve been searching high and low for the designer of the ring JLo is wearing. Do you know who it might be?

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