Nail Colors We Love This Winter Season


As the temperatures dip down, our blankets come up, and our motivation to get our glam on might very well go into hibernation. Doing anything that implies throwing off the covers, really.

Just because we’re saying goodbye for now to sundresses and poppy neon nail polish doesn’t mean we have to let our getup get dull, though! As we pull out those dark and rich shades to get our faces ready for the season, there’s still plenty of attitude to be expressed right at the tips of our fingers—our nails that is! Here are some nail colors that we love for this winter season.

Winter Wonderland

Feeling like matching the magical snowy landscape just outside the window? A nice sparkly layer over a rich white will have every snowman on the block melting with envy. Check out Dior’s Golden Nights Collection for a glimmery, beautiful, Christmas miracle.

Ornament Glam

Maybe the snowy landscape isn’t quite your style but cuddling up by the warm fire and the beautiful tree covered in those beautiful, shiny orbs of happiness is. That ornament glitter is another great look, and silver is always a great choice for the winter season. To get that gorgeous ornament glittery silver, check out Sally Hansen’s Good. Kind. Pure Vegan Nail Polish, Meteorite. Not only will the look be great and appropriate for the season, this product is 100% plant-based and vegan.

Jolly Red Robe

From Santa’s dashing outfit to the sleigh that sprinkles magic over the entire world, it’s no secret that brilliant, vintage shades of red are the most iconic shades of the holidays. Speaking of iconic brilliant, vintage reds, Besame’s Red Nail Polish is about as iconic as vintage shades come.

O Tannenbaum

The colors that decorate the tree are beautiful and eye-catching, but let’s not sleep on the color underneath them. After all, a piney green is arguably just as iconic for the season as the reds we love. Côte’s No. 62 is exactly what we’re talking about. A perfect holiday shade, vegan, and cruelty-free. What’s not to love?

As the Night Sky

While the winter months might leave us chilly and longing for the sun, it’s tough to deny that much of the charm that comes from a beautiful, snowy night is the twilight itself. Bright snow draped over a dark, black sky. To match this elegance in a shade that’s always in, check out butter LONDON’s Union Jack Black Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer. As dark as the night sky to intrigue anyone passing by.