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Shop the Look Celebrity Edition: Nicole Kidman


Shop the Look Celebrity Edition – When it comes to the celebrity moms that are always on trend, one name comes to mind – Nicole Kidman. This amazing Aussie actress and producer has built a successful career in the world of film while raising two children, Isabella and Connor. On top of all of that, she has worked consistently in philanthropy as a spokeswoman for both UNICEF and UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women) while also fighting globally for women’s rights and advocating for cancer research. How in the world does she manage to do it all?

Even when she’s not out in the world fighting for change or gracing the silver or television screens, Nicole always manages to look put together, poised and confident in feminine and flattering outfits that leave us swooning. From her daytime casual looks to her gorgeous red-carpet ensembles, this woman can literally pull off anything and everything.

If you’re like us and ready to emulate her style and grace in your everyday life, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a breakdown of some of our favorite recent looks worn by Nicole Kidman and how you can snag them for yourself. Happy shopping!


There’s just something amazing about slipping on a super chic patterned midi dress. We love the subtle navy color of this piece paired with bold Bordeaux heels and a simple black belt at the waist – it’s so attainable and easy to wear!


Snag this gorgeous look with the perfect Patterned Midi Dress, a simple Black Leather Belt with a Matching Black Bag and a gorgeous pair of Red Heeled Sandals.


This look is the ultimate in casual-cool and perfect for any occasion. A sleek turtleneck paired with a tailored blazer and simple ankle jeans is a great outfit to dress up or down with the right shoes and accessories.


Steal this wear-anywhere look with a cute Turtleneck Sweater, a beautiful Tailored Blazer, some Skinny Ankle Jeans and a pair of Heeled Pumps.


While this may be an outfit from her hit HBO show, The Undoing, this look is definitely one of our favorites of Nicole’s. We love the combination of a bold patterned coat with contrasting boots and accessories – it’s the perfect way to beat the dreary cold!


Get this chic look with the perfect Patterned Coat, a pair of Heeled Slouchy Boots, a contrasting Lightweight Scarf and the perfect all-purpose Faux Leather Tote Bag.


Going casual to a red-carpet event? Only Nicole could pull this off! This bold yet kicked back outfit is exactly what we’ve been dreaming of for any upcoming event. The combination of a subtly edgy coat with cute, flared jeans and simple loafers has us swooning.


Grab this casual cool look for yourself with the perfect Neutral Duster Jacket, a classic White Tee, cropped Flared Jeans and a pair of menswear-inspired Simple Loafers.


While travel may be limited, we’re always on the hunt for a comfy yet chic outfit to wear while on-the-go, and this one may just be our dream look. The combination of vintage flared jeans with a simple sweater and a gorgeous matching bag has us head over heels for Nicole.


Snag this travel-friendly look with a great pair of vintage-inspired Flared Denim Jeans, a simple V-Neck Sweater, bold Cognac Ankle Boots and a matching Oversized Bag.


Want to look red hot even when the temperatures are dropping? Follow Nicole! A fitted sweater paired with a super feminine mermaid skirt is definitely the perfect recipe for success, especially when paired with cute ankle-strap heels and a matching bag.


Ready to snag this look? Pick out the perfect Fitted Collared Sweater, add a flirtatious Mermaid Skirt and slip on a pair of chic Ankle Strap Heels. Done and done.


So, we’re back again with another look from The Undoing. But we just can’t help ourselves – Nicole’s outfits are just so amazing! This gorgeous look is totally up our alley, with a beautiful burgundy red coat, matching boots and a chic high-neck sweater dress. Yes, please, and thank you.


Get red hot with a great long Colorful Coat, a simple Turtleneck Sweater Dress, bold Burgundy Boots and a Matching Handbag.

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What to Wear in January: 18 Outfits to Start the Year Off Right


What to Wear In January – Can you believe it’s already a new year? It’s time to dust off the struggles, challenges and worries from the year before and start anew, refreshed and ready to take on whatever life brings our way. And with the changing of the year comes new opportunities and new outfits to help you express yourself with the highest levels of confidence and radiance!

If you’re feeling ready for a wardrobe refresh to help you get started on the right foot for the new year ahead, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered 18 fresh, new ideas for the perfect eye-catching outfits to help get you through the cold months of January and beyond. Happy shopping!


Start off the new year with the perfect flattering Floral Blouse, a pair of Relaxed Denim Jeans and your favorite Comfy Ankle Boots.


Heading to the office and looking for the perfect seasonal outfit? Slip on a chic Oversized Blazer, add some Fitted Trousers and a great Simple Blouse for the perfect modern yet professional look.


Spending the day grocery shopping, picking up spring cleaning necessities or just out and about? Keep comfortable with a pair of Cropped Jeans, a Button-Up Blouse and a pair of Comfy Sneakers. Don’t forget your Cozy Jacket!


Add a cheerful feel to the new year with a Sunny Yellow Top, a pair of High-Waisted Trousers and your go-to Minimalist Flats.


Keep the joy and wonder of the holiday season rolling in a subtle way with a chic Green Sweater, a pair of Cropped Denim Jeans and some chic wear-anywhere Ankle Boots.


Take your look up a notch for any special occasion with a Bright Red Dress, a Cozy Jacket, some chic Minimalist Jewelry and a pair of Strappy Heels.


Getting a quick sweat session in before the kids wake up? Slip on a pair of Comfy Leggings, add an Oversized Workout Tee and a Cozy Jacket and you’re ready to get moving.


Enjoying some one-on-one time with your SO? Keep it cute and comfy with a Simple Wrap Dress, add a Chic Belt and your favorite Block Heels. Done and done.


Love staying toasty warm during this cold wintery month? Slip on a cozy Oversized Sweater, a pair of High-Waisted Jeans and some sturdy Knee-High Boots.


Indulging in a little self-care at home? Slip on some super soft Silk Pajamas, add a pair of Cozy Socks and don’t forget your Favorite Slippers and a Comfy Headband!


Planning an arts and crafts session with the kids? Slip on a pair of Simple Leggings, add an Oversized Shirt and some Comfy Sneakers and you’re ready to get to it!


Cooking up an amazing spread for your family? Slip on some chic Ankle Trousers, add a Simple Blouse and some Comfy Flats and you’re ready to get cooking.


Embrace your love of nautical style with a chic Striped Top, a pair of High-Waisted Trousers and some Cute Slides.


Taking some time to catch up with the girls? Stay cute & comfy with a chic Maxi Dress, add a pair of heeled Ankle Booties and a Cozy Jacket and you’re ready to go.


Planning some time in the great outdoors? Slip on your favorite Hiking Pants, add a Comfy Workout Tee and a Zip-Up Hoodie with cute Hiking Boots and you’re ready to go.


Planning on spending some time in the snow? Keep toasty warm with a pair of Comfy Jeans, a cozy Snow Jacket and your favorite All-Weather Boots. Don’t forget your hat and gloves, too!


Taking the time to get the house under control for the new year? Throw on a pair of Workout Shorts, add a Loose Tank Top and some Running Shoes for the perfect comfy outfit to help you get cleaning.


Taking your bikes out for a spin with the kids? Slip on a pair of Stretchy Jeggings, add your favorite Lightweight Sweater and don’t forget your Comfy Sneakers!

We hope you enjoyed this recent post on What To Wear in January.

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5 Food Dishes to Spice Up a New Year’s Party


The holiday season is always a tiring time in the kitchen, and by the time New Year’s parties roll around, a lot of us feel just about ready to get some takeout instead. There’s certainly absolutely nothing wrong with takeout, and we’re all about supporting local businesses, but welcoming the new year feels awfully personal to us and, fittingly, we think the dishes that accompany us into the new year should have that personal touch, as well.

Especially this year over all of the others, we’re looking forward to saying hello to 2021 and, perhaps more specifically, goodbye to 2020 with a bang. That’s why we’ve gathered 5 great dishes that are sure to spice up your last night of the year.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Chorizo

Brussels sprouts tend to be quite polarizing. You either hate them or love them, and there’s no in between. We think, sincerely, that anyone who doesn’t love brussels sprouts just hasn’t had that one magical plate yet. We also think that this recipe might just be that magical plate.

Garlic, sherry vinegar, honey, and delicious spicy chorizo. The wonderful symphony of aromas coming out of the kitchen is almost enough to forget a little bit about what a year it’s been.

Roasted Potatoes with a Kick

It doesn’t take a whole lot of sleuthing around to learn that we’re big fans of potatoes, and it takes probably less research to find out we love a little spice kick. This recipe for roasted potatoes with curry leaf and mustard oil mayo is the best of both worlds.

These potatoes will give you all of the crunch you’ve ever wanted while still having a warm, soft interior. Marry that with the powerful flavors of curry and mustard for a punch of flavor you won’t soon forget.

Oysters Oaxacafeller

It’s a clever recipe name and an even more clever recipe. There are a lot of alternative takes on Oysters Rockefeller, but not a lot of them that turn out great. Luckily, this is one of those special few great takes.

Once again, we’re looking for a little extra kick. Sure, we can just reach for the spice cabinet, but an even better idea is to reach for a tried-and-true Mexican classic with some subtle heat: rajas. The roasted poblano along with the brightness of the lime and cilantro are the perfect match for the briny oysters.

Sous Vide Lobster

There’s nothing quite like a bite of soft, rich, buttery lobster—but what if we told you that your lobster could be even more buttery? The secret is in the all-powerful sous vide method. Any kitchen fanatic will at the very least know about this method, if not be well read on the topic already.

Even though this method is generally considered to be more professional, it’s also harder to mess up than other more traditional methods like boiling or steaming alone. A recipe that’s almost set-and-forget for amazing, buttery lobster—hard to go wrong with this one.

Rice and Beans

You don’t necessarily have to go very upscale with a New Year’s dish, and after a year like this one, a simple comfort meal might be just what we all need. Immigrants and southerners alike will rejoice at the nostalgia of rice and beans, and for good reason. Simple and effective, it’s tough for this dish to not hit close to home every time.

Leaning into the southern comfort of things, this recipe for Hoppin’ John cooks the meat and beans together with the rice, making sure the amazing flavor is infused in every single bite, with every single grain.

The Ultimate Guide to Budgeting


Spending money is fun, and even worse, spending money is awfully easy. This can feel great in the moment, but once that paycheck starts to run low with plenty of days left in the week, we might start to question our spending and budgeting habits—or lack thereof.

Fortunately, while budgeting isn’t necessarily everyone’s first instinct, it isn’t too difficult to get going in your own life. We’ve laid out what we consider to be the fundamental pillars of budgeting; just a few simple steps to make the most out of your income month in and month out.

Track Your Spending

If you’ve ever followed a long-term diet, it probably started out something like this, too. Instead of tracking every last snack you managed to sneak in throughout the day, however, you’re going to need to track every last penny you spend. That’s not an exaggeration, either! Every. Last. Penny.

This step alone can actually help you start saving money right away! Just like snacking, we often make small purchases (often related to snacking) throughout the day that we don’t even think about. Not thinking about these purchases, however, are exactly what lets them add up day after day, week after week.

Being conscious of these purchases gives you a better idea of how you’re using your money, and if there are certain purchases that you can cut back on. It will also help you think twice before making another mindless purchase, which in of itself is going to help you save some money. Make sure to keep track of this spending, whether that be in a notebook you carry around throughout the day or on a tidy Excel spreadsheet. You’ll need these numbers later.

Write Out Your Expenses

You’ll need to keep track of all of your spending, but also specifically what you need to be spending—things like rent, utilities, etc. You can try to write these all down from memory, but chances are you’re going to miss one or two things that might throw off your numbers. We recommend going through a month of expenses and jotting down every time you make one of these payments. Be sure to check your bank account every day, just in case you have automatic payments scheduled that you don’t even have to think about.

A few examples of what to look out for:

– Rent/mortgage payments

– Utilities

– Insurance payments

– Internet/phone bill

– Car payments

– Streaming services

– Groceries

– Miscellaneous

The idea is to couple your fixed expenses along with the spending you’ve tracked from the previous section to get a good idea of exactly how much you’re spending, how much you need to be spending, and how much you can cut back.

Allocate and Save

You’ve gone through your month of collecting data, now it’s time to put it to good use. Compare your income with the amounts that you’ve written down, and set aside the appropriate amounts for each of your necessary expenses, but also for savings! We recommend saving as much as you can afford to save, but 10% of your paycheck is a good number if it fits within your budget.

Saving needs to be a conscious effort, don’t just passively leave 10% of your paycheck set aside in your mind. Whether this means putting it in a separate account, withdrawing it and keeping it in your sock drawer, or investing it somehow, that’s up to you! Just make sure it isn’t something you can easily grab when you’re not thinking about saving.

Don’t forget about your entertainment expenses, either! Minimizing the income you spend on non-essential purchases and activities is an important part of budgeting, but you certainly don’t have to start living a boring life, either! Get an idea of how much you tend to spend on nights out/movie nights/whatever you like to do for fun, set some aside for this if you can, and put the rest in savings.


At this point, you should be two months in: one month of research and one month of actual budgeting. How did you do? Did some necessary expenses slip your mind? Did you end up with more savings than you expected?

The numbers probably aren’t going to match up exactly, especially after the first round of trying this out, and that’s perfectly okay! Check and see what threw your numbers off and adjust accordingly. If you ended up with more expenses than expected, you might have to revise the amounts going into savings and recreation. If you ended up with more extra cash than you thought, consider putting it into savings first thing next time around!

This is really about getting to know your tendencies and how your month-to-month budgeting is going to go. It’s also a good time to reflect if a monthly schedule works for you. We like the monthly approach because it’s easy to set up, but if a month is a long time to be planning for you, you can try to follow the exact same process bi-weekly. Watch out for expenses that fall on one half of the month vs. the other, but the idea is essentially the same.

Rinse and Repeat

After you’ve got that first round under your belt, it’s time for another! It’s important to take your review step into account every time you plan for the following month, and it’s also important to consider that some expenses are going to fluctuate throughout different months.

Maybe some of your bills happen bi-monthly, or maybe you’ll just have different spending patterns during different parts of the year. Your power bill might go up during the colder months, for example. If you have a regular vacation period, spending is probably going to go up during this time as well. Not every month is going to be exactly the same, but the more you track and analyze your spending, the better you will be at anticipating expenses, and the closer you’ll get to perfecting your budgeting skills.

Spoiling Kids Vs. Treating Them—How to Know the Difference


We love our kids more than anything in the world, it’s perfectly natural to want to give them all of the love, praise, and gifts we could possibly fathom. Doubling down on this, however, can have very real and unfortunate consequences. We want to give our kids the world, but we don’t want them to turn out ungrateful or self-centered.

There’s a fine line between giving our kids all of the love they deserve and spoiling them, but how can you know whether you’re on one side of this line or the other? Let’s take a look at knowing the difference between spoiling your kid and treating them.

Watch Your Sorry’s

It’s very important to teach our kids the importance of saying sorry, and a big part of that is owning up and apologizing for your own mistakes. That being said, sorry’s can be overdone, and if you aren’t careful with your sorry’s, you might be teaching your kid that they deserved and are owed everything.

What do we mean by overdoing sorry’s? Simply put, sorry is a word we throw around innocently for a lot of things that aren’t our faults. Sorry, traffic was awful. Sorry, I already have plans. Sorry, I don’t feel comfortable with that. In our everyday lives, we say sorry, but it’s generally understood that we’re expressing regret more-so than apologizing—we don’t owe anybody the ability to magically avoid traffic, we don’t owe anybody an open schedule, and we certainly don’t owe anybody comfort.

We understand that sorry isn’t always an apology, but our kids might not. If you can’t buy them the toy that they want, a sorry can tell them that it’s your fault, and not that sometimes they simply aren’t going to get what they want. The same goes for unexpected changes of plans, cooking dinner that isn’t their favorite, or really anything that they don’t love but that they have to learn to live with. Empathizing and talking honestly with our kids is paramount, and doing so without always saying sorry helps us show them patience and tolerance.

Stand Your Ground

Generally speaking, we all have a set of ground rules we place at home. Also generally speaking, our kids are going to try to challenge some of these rules if not straight up ignore them. While letting things slide can be the easy or comfortable thing to do, and while being lenient every once in a while is a nice way to treat your kids, being able to stand your ground on these rules is an important part of teaching your kids, once again, that they can’t always get what they want.

How you respond to these challenges can come from your Parenting Style, and while there are plenty of healthy parenting styles that can be combinations of the ones we’ve described, it’s generally agreed that it’s important to stand your ground with rules while also explaining why these rules have to be respected. “Because I said so,” isn’t an explanation you’d take from anyone, and it isn’t an explanation you should expect to be received sincerely by your kid. Helping them understand why you place the rules that you do is a fundamental part in building a respectful, empathetic relationship with your kid, while helping them understand (and not just know) why we can’t always get what we want.

Handle Tantrums

Another tool that kids often learn to use to get whatever they want is tantrums, and a way that we parents enable this is by not knowing how to handle tantrums. We go more into this here, but we’ll hit the key points quickly.

First of all, avoid tantrum triggers whenever you can. If you know that your kid is going to throw a tantrum if you walk by the toy aisle, don’t go by the toy aisle. If you know that there are certain things that set your kid off, try to avoid these when possible. Tantrums aren’t pretty, and if you’re caught off guard, you might not handle them perfectly, either.

That being said, you can’t completely avoid tantrums forever, so how do you deal with them without teaching your kid that tantrums are an easy way to get what they want? First, don’t give them what they want. Next, try to ignore them as much as possible. Tantrums shouldn’t be used to get what they want, which includes your attention. When your kid finally calms down, communicate that tantrums aren’t how we should express our feelings, and explain how they should talk to you about what they’re feeling.

You can’t always just let a tantrum be, of course. If need be, take your kid to a more private place while they calm down. Once they do, talk to them and go right back to whatever you were doing before. Going home or doing something else can teach your kid that tantrums are an easy way to get out of a boring situation.

It can be easy to blur the line between treating your kid and giving them what they want during a tantrum, or right before one. Make sure that when you’re treating them, you aren’t implicitly trying to avoid bad behavior. If you are, now is probably not the time for a treat.

Measure the Gifts

We’d give our kids all of the gifts in the world if we could, but we shouldn’t. As tempting as it is, and as innocent as it seems, to give our kids gifts whenever they behave or achieve a big accomplishment, gifts aren’t always the way to go.

Part of not spoiling our kids is teaching them to enjoy the good in being good. Gifts as rewards are a great way to show our kids that they should do good things because it results in prizes, a lesson that can turn south really quickly. Instead, offer congratulations and words of encouragement and motivation. This will help your kid feel special about having acted well, which will be its own motivator for good behavior in the future.

That being said, you can still take your kid for ice cream when they win their tournament. Gifts and rewards aren’t all bad, either.

The line between treating and spoiling our kids can be thin sometimes but, as a general rule of thumb, the key comes in not using treats and gifts to avoid bad behavior and in taking everything in moderation.


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