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Disney Store’s Latest Arm Candy – Snow White Jewelry


If you were enchanted by these Snow White Isabella Fiore Handbags and Wallets, you are going to love Disney Store’s latest arm candy – Snow White jewelry. The black cuff caught my eye instantly!

Snow White Jewelry


Snow White Braceletblank

Give your jewelry collection some bite with this Snow White Bracelet featuring an apple and diamond shapes set within a filgree design. Cast in metal with a gun-metal finish, the design is backed with a faux snakeskin fabric for extra bite.

Snow White Ring

A fine lace design sparkles with black and clear jewels on this Snow White Ring. Its shiny gun metal finish adds an elegant luster to this piece of jewelry inspired by Disney’s classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Rose Snow White Ring

Your jewelry collection will blossom with the addition of this Rose Snow White Ring. Silver leaves wind around a pretty white rose on this elegant metal ring inspired by Disney’s classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Rose Snow White Earrings

Your jewelry collection will blossom with the addition of these of Rose Snow White Earrings. Two pretty white roses are accented with silver leafs, one featuring a white jewel accent on earrings inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Snow White Earrings

This pair of ornate Snow White Earrings feature two distinct designs. Two butterflies alight on the honeycomb base of one, whiile the other features a flower and leaf design. Together they become striking Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs jewelry.

Design Like a Pro with These 5 Amazing Interior Design Apps


Although it’s still fun to play around with fabric samples, paint swatches and measuring tapes, in this tech savvy world, using Interior Design Apps has become quite popular. With iPad in hand, you can design a room like a pro, while also saving time and effort.

Interior Design Apps

With today’s new iPad interior design apps, you can try a variety of paint colors, window treatments, furniture arrangements and more with nothing other than a tap of your finger.

Here are 5 of the best Interior Design Apps for you to try.

5 Interior Design Apps

Be Inspired


Not sure which design direction you want to head down?  It’s not a problem with the “Houzz” app that provides the largest database of home design ideas online, with over 200,000 high-resolution photos to provide plenty of inspiration to help shape your design vision.  Peruse photos by room, style and location and save images to your “idea book” to reference later and share.  With a service search tool to find local designers, contractors, and architects, you can easily access expert advice and get your project underway.  Available on the iTunes store for free at: Houzz Interior Design Ideas – Houzz Inc.

Space-planning Tool


Design the home of your dreams without breaking your back. The “Home 3D” app is a helpful tool in home design that allows you to create rooms in a virtual home and position them to your liking. Lay out your rooms’ dimensions and then place furniture, appliances, and fixtures as you see fit. Easily match your home’s layout to an existing floor plan image. Once you are happy with the room arrangements, you can take a virtual tour and set the materials for the walls and floors. Available on the iTunes store for $8.99 at: Home 3D for iPad – Black Mana Studios.

Window Dressing Made Easy


Feeling lost when it comes to choosing the perfect window treatments for your home? Find your way with the recently launched “The Art of Window Dressing” app from window fashions leader, Hunter Douglas. It allows you to see how actual products will look on your windows, anywhere, anytime, and takes full advantage of the iPad’s superior image resolution to create a robust visualization tool that makes the virtual shopping experience for window fashions easy and fun. This app just won “Best Design Mobile Application” Mobile WebAward from the prestigious Web Marketing Association.

Features include a “Fashion Show” section where you can browse the runway of hundreds of interiors and see how each product transforms a home aesthetically while delivering a host of benefits, from light control to energy savings and UV protection. “Dress A Window” shows you how each product would look in sample room scenes or on windows in your own home. Simply take a photo of your room and render Hunter Douglas products right on the windows to preview how different styles impact the overall décor. The “Swatch Sorter” makes it simple to organize thousands of available fabric and style options. Select from light-filtering options, different finishes and a myriad of colors. Available on the iTunes store for free at: Hunter Douglas – The Art of Window Dressing – Hunter Douglas.

Picture Perfect Painted Walls


Find the right shade for your space. Upload an image of a color you like – such as a pink flower or an orange sunset – to the “ColorSmart by BEHR™” app and view the matching BEHR color along with coordinating hues. With a palette selected, the app then lets you preview colors in a room image with a range of design styles and types to choose from. For expert advice, you can also view a selection of designer-coordinated palettes among other options. It’s now easier than ever to find that elusive, right shade of white or whatever other colors you are looking for. Available on the iTunes store for free at: ColorSmart by BEHR™ Mobile – Behr Process Corporation.

For the Numbers


With the “Photo Measures Lite” app, easily take photos of your home design projects and note the dimensions of the room and individual items directly on the photos. You can save your measurements in imperial or metric units, organize photos by category, easily reference or e-mail images to share with contractors and others, among other options. Be prepared with this app that allows you to always have your home’s dimensions with you. Available on the iTunes store for free at: Photo Measures Lite – Big Blue Pixel.

Backyard Patio Ideas – The Color Scheme


I am in the process of trying to create a mini retreat in our backyard and I’ve been pinning backyard patio ideas. I’m finding it quite challenging to even get started. Why? For starters, we live in a rental home and only plan on being here for another year. So obviously I don’t want to invest in anything permanent.

Another issue is we have a tiny, and I mean tiny, patio area. It’s not large enough for our table, so we have to put the table in the grass. Annoying, but it’s what works right now.

I decided that maybe if I write about it and organize my thoughts, it will actually motivate me to get it done. 

Backyard Patio Ideas – The Color Scheme

I’m starting with my color scheme, which I have decided I want to go with green, yellow and blue. It’s bright and cheerful and I just love it. It’s completely opposite of the inside of my home which is much darker.

Here are a few pillows that I am working on the decor from.


Purchase at Amazon.com

I already have a pair of blue lanterns I purchased last year from Pier 1 Imports and they will fit nicely into the color scheme. 


Purchase at Pier 1 Imports

I also need a new rug and want to add some color with one. I would love a rug with blue and greens like this one pictured below. The actual picture doesn’t do the rug justice and you really need to see it up close to really see the colors and pattern.


Purchase at Pier 1 Imports

Here is the same rug featured in a Pier 1 Imports ad.


Related outdoor decorating articles on Mom Fabulous:

I need 2 new umbrellas. One for our patio table and one to go over the actual patio as we have no shade in our backyard. I have my heart set on yellow. Yellow is so happy! I want one just like the umbrellas pictured below from, yes, Pier 1 Imports. Can you tell I love Pier 1? 🙂


So now that I have the color scheme picked out and a few accessories were chosen, it’s time to compare prices and go shopping! I am on a budget due to the fact that summer camps for 3 kids and summer vacations and well, summer, in general, is pricey! My husband and I about fainted after writing all those checks. Phew! But so worth it.

Are you doing some outdoor decorating and looking for backyard patio ideas? If so, I hope these ideas helped you as much as they did me.

My Sister-in-Law Jenn Bonner, Featured in “O” Magazine & The Insider for Her Weight Loss Story


To say I am proud of my sister-in-law Jenn Bonner would be an understatement. Her weight loss journey, where she went from over 300 pounds to 140 pounds without surgery, has been featured in the May 2012 issue of O Magazine as well as The Insider.


Jenn’s weightloss began when she decided to join her husband Trey Bonner on the Medifast program he was on. Here’s what she told O Magazine about her first week on the plan: “I lost 13 pounds the first week, and by the second week I was hooked.”

Jenn also just returned home from Los Angeles where she taped a segment for The Insider. Watch her episode below. Her segment beings at the 9:30 mark.


I’ve known Jenn for over ten years when I first met her while up in Washington visiting my husband’s family. Her personality and bright blue eyes draw you in immediately. She’s witty, hilarious and just a lot of fun to be around. Watching her transformation and seeing a “glow” I’ve never seen in her before makes me want to cry. She is an inspiration and she has a passion for helping and guiding people transform their own lives. Healthy living and a life full of joy is what it’s all about.

You can read more about the program Jenn and her husband Trey are on at their website www.halfthecouple.com. Great name for a website isn’t it? And if you would like me to connect you with with her and make an introduction, shoot me an email at [email protected]

4 Tips For Getting Teens to Read


With iPods, cell phones, tablets, laptops and TV trying to use up every second of our teen‘s day, it can be hard to encourage them to read. You know – a book! It’s fun to tease our kids about reading and reminding them what a B-O-O-K is, but really, it’s no laughing matter. We have to encourage our kids to read. It’s important!


Check out these scary statistics: more than 60 percent of middle and high school students scored below “proficient” in reading achievement, according to a December 2011 report by the Alliance for Excellent Education.

Rhiannon Paille, 27, an advocate for teen literacy whose new fantasy novel, Flame of Surrender (www.yafantasyauthor.com) targets young adults, has offered up these tips to help encourage 12- to 18-year-olds’ to read – well anything!

Buy them comic books. Boys persistently lag behind girls in reading, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, Paille says. If your son isn’t a reader, try getting him hooked on comic books. “Stephen King started off reading comics, ‘Tales from the Crypt.’ Hey, if it was good enough for him …!’’ From comic books, they may move into graphic novels, a popular young adult genre. As long as they’re reading, they’re building comprehension skills and vocabulary, so it needn’t be “War and Peace.”

Look for book-to-film novels. Chances are if it was a great movie, they saw it, and that’s often enough to get a non-reader curious. This is another especially good hook for boys, Paille says.

Tune into what they’re interested in. What kinds of video games do they play? Some popular games have spawned novels, including Halo, EverQuest, ElfQuest and Gears of War. Even gaming guides, which players read to unlock new clues to advancing in the game, can motivate a teen to crack a book.

Read the same book your teen is reading. Book clubs are popular because people like talking to others who’ve read the same book. Your teen may not be ready for an evening of petit fours and grape juice while discussing the pacing of “Hunger Games,” but it can make for some interesting conversation on the way to soccer practice. And you can always nudge them along with comments like, “Oh, you haven’t gotten to that part yet? It’s really good!”

These are great tips. I am a known YA novel junkie, so reading what my teen is reading isn’t a problem for me. Both of our older kids love it when I can discuss a book with them and I actually know what they’re talking about. And then if the book is turned into a movie, well – we end up reading the book(s) again. i.e. The Hunger Games 🙂

Do you have an issue with getting your teens to read? If so, what tricks and tips can you share?


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